Best Computer Desk For Multiple Monitors – Top 5 Options Reviewed

A large desk that has multiple monitors, a keyboard and a mouse on the top

Gaming is no longer a hobby, but an actual industry. It can get extremely realistic and investing in the right equipment can take your experience to another level. From this point of view, getting the right desk will also help you establish a professional gaming station. Now, choosing the best computer desk for multiple monitors may seem pretty simple – you want loads of size after all.

However, this venture goes further than that. Apart from size, you also want durable and solid materials to take all the weight. You want enough space for every gadget you use, whether it comes to a steering wheel or a massive keyboard. You need loads of clearance for the mouse as well, not to mention the audio system. This is when you realize a bit of research is actually mandatory.

Here are some of the top rated large gaming computer desks.

Our Picks For The 5 Best Computer Desk For Multiple Monitors

1. Coleshome Computer Desk

Coleshome might have the best computer desk for multiple monitors if you want value for money. The unit is available in a few different sizes, with the largest one providing a 47.2×23.6 inch top and a 29.1 inch height. There is basically plenty of room for storage and rest.

In terms of design, your options are just as varied – teak, walnut and black. The teak model is by far the most popular one. Each model comes with metallic legs and adjustable leg pads, so you can keep the desk even and your monitors safe even if the floor is slightly uneven.

You can buy this desk with or without professional assembly. It is not spending more for someone to assemble it for you, as you can do it yourself. The unit comes with a detailed manual of instructions and illustrations. The screwdriver is included in the package – you only need to follow four steps.

The desk is extremely sturdy and can take a good weight. It has thick steel legs for a stable experience, yet it maintains its elegant appearance as well. You can throw a few monitors on it, a heavy keyboard and other tools for a proper gaming experience without worrying about a collapse.

In terms of extras, you may want to know the desk panel is waterproof – alright if you spill your drink after an intense game, but also anti scratch. Cleaning it is a matter of seconds only.

What are the pros?

  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Available in more sizes and styles
  • Anti-scratch and waterproof desk panel
  • Lots of room for a couple of monitors and extras
  • Easy to put together

What are the cons?

  • No shelves or drawers for a neater organization

2. Topsky Computer Desk

Topsky’s computer desk for more than one monitor comes with a simple, yet neat organization, as well as a single size. Altogether, the desk measures 55×23.6 inches, which is plenty for a few monitors, keyboards, speakers, mouses and other extras. It can also take office supplies.

The desk is available in a few different designs. Oak is the most popular one, but you can also choose natural or industrial – rustic brown. The desk comes with a shelf under it, as well as loads of room for the computer unit and your legs to rest.

When it comes to durability and materials, chances are this desk will last for ages. The synthetic wood furniture is based on CARB P2 class board. The top is 1.18 inches in thickness. Furthermore, it has a metallic frame and relatively thick legs – 1.57×1.57 inches. The desk can hold up to 500 pounds in weight.

The surface will easily support your most intense gaming sessions. It is waterproof and can resist scratches. Cleaning it is a matter of minutes. The same goes for the shelf, which is just under 8.5 inches in height and can accommodate headphones, routers, books, CDs and so on.

Last, but not least, this desk features a metallic grommet hole cable cover. You can also take your cables through this hole to prevent them from tangling. Putting the desk together will not give you too much headache either – detailed manual of instructions and just a few pieces.

What are the pros?

  • Super sturdy and can take up to 500 pounds in weight
  • Comes with a convenient shelf under the desk
  • Water and scratch-resistant
  • Plenty of legroom
  • Available in more good looking styles

What are the cons?

  • Could have been a bit wider

3. Monarch Specialties Computer Desk

Bringing in a classic L shape and a contemporary appearance, this desk is sleek, stylish and beautiful. It is based on gray wood, yet you can also opt for other styles – cappuccino, dark taupe and white cement. It is only available in one size, so make sure you have plenty of room in a corner before ordering it.

The desk measures 71x71x30 inches. It is L shaped and each side has one or more drawers, with plenty of leg room in the middle. It is functional and well balanced in terms of design and storage. Based on its size, there is plenty of room for not two, but four or five middle sized monitors.

The oak panel is durable and metallic legs are U shaped. The frame allows lots of room. The panel is relatively thick. Not only can this desk support lots of weight, but it also means you can store anything related to your gaming station. While designed as an office desk, it makes an excellent computer desk for gaming station.

When it comes to the actual organization, there are two standard drawers, as well as a classic filing drawer. You can choose where you want each drawer as you assemble the unit – exactly, you will have to assemble it yourself. The good news is it comes with a detailed manual of instructions, so it should take you less than 15 minutes.

Finally, the desk feels stable due to the solid frame in the corner. As for cleaning it, the shiny surface makes it fairly simple.

What are the pros?

  • Super large for a series of applications
  • Stable and well balanced
  • Adjustability and freedom when assembling it
  • Available in a few beautiful styles
  • Easy to keep clean

What are the cons?

  • Directions could be a bit confusing

4. Coleshome Desk

Coleshome has designed a simple, yet beautiful computer desk for gaming station that provides lots of room for both games and office work. It comes in a few different styles – vintage brown, white or black. Also, it is L shaped and fits the corner of your room or office perfectly.

The desk is quite large and can take three large monitors with no issues at all. Apart from monitors, you can also keep other things associated with your work or games. Each side measures 50.8×18.1 inches. It is 28 inches in height.

The unit is firm and sturdy. The metallic frame is thick and it features some brackets for stability. Leveling studs ensure the desk is stable even if your floor is unable – they are fully adjustable. Other than that, the actual desk is based on MDF. It is easy to clean and can resist both scratches and liquids.

The desk must be assembled manually. The manual of instructions will give you all the details you need. You also have all the required tools, so there is no need to purchase anything else.

What are the pros?

  • Plenty of clearance under the desk
  • Loads of space for more monitors
  • Available in more styles
  • Durable materials
  • Waterproof and scratch-resistant

What are the cons?

  • No shelves under the desk

5. Bestier Computer Desk

Bestier’s best computer desk for multiple monitors may not be the largest unit on the market, but it provides lots of space for a couple of middle-sized monitors. It comes in nice light wood design and features a black frame – ideal for contemporary environments.

The desk is available in two different sizes – 47 and 55 inches. It is up to you to determine how much space you require. Apart from the light oak style, you can also get it in a rustic brown color or a dark brown one. There are no differences in the actual construction or quality standards.

In terms of construction, you get a solid MDF board on top, which will resist scratches. It is also waterproof. More importantly, it is healthy and less likely to release any chemicals. Then, the desk must be assembled, but the process should not take more than half an hour.

Compared to other similar desks in this range, this one provides lots of storage for small bits and extras. For example, you have four open shelves that allow lots of room for things you might need. You can fit them on the left side or the right side. You can also leave them behind if you do not need them, but you could do with some extra desk room.

It is worth noting shelves go on top and under the desk. They go on one side, so you have plenty of legroom.

What are the pros?

  • Compact design, but large enough
  • Comes with a bunch of shelves
  • Good looking style
  • Easy to put together
  • Durable materials

What are the cons?

  • Might wobble a little if the floor is not perfectly straight

What To Look For In The Best Computer Desk For Multiple Monitors?

Man looking through binoculars as a metaphor for the features that is best to look for in the best computer desk

There are a few things to consider when about to decide on the best computer desk for multiple monitors.


The size is critical. Make sure there is lots of space in your room, so measure the available area first. Consider the chair as well – around five square feet. Unless the height is adjustable, the actual desk should be by your elbows when you sit down. Finally, figure out the space required on top – how many monitors do you have? How big are they?


There are more shapes to pay attention to, yet some of them are more common than others. L shaped desks are pretty common, but U shaped design is just as popular if you have lots of room. Corner desks are more compact, while the rectangular design is classic.


According to Hints and Things, functionality covers a few different aspects. For example, think about the drawers, shelves and compartments you may need to store small things. Then, how about cable management? Some desks provide access to easier management to prevent a mess.

Quality and materials

Check out the materials used to design the desk, as well as the construction quality. It should feel sturdy and solid. Feel the desk and pay attention to its finish too. Finally, the weight capacity is just as important, especially if you need this desk for more monitors.


A desk with a FAQ letters on it

You might feel a bit confused when it comes to computer desks for more monitors, especially if you have never had one.

How much space do I need for two monitors?

It is hard to tell because monitors come in all kinds of sizes. If you already have the monitors, come up with a setup on the floor. Place them in the ideal position and measure the space required. Keep in mind you will need more space for other things, such as keyboards, mousepads and other small things.

What is the perfect height for a computer desk?

Sit down on your chair. Keep the arms at a 90 degree angle and they should reach the desk in a perfectly straight line. Practically, the desk should be by your elbows when you sit down.


Bottom line, the best computer desk for multiple monitors is a concept that varies from one individual to another. Deciding on the right desk depends on your personal needs and expectations, size and preferences. A little research will work a long way while browsing the best-rated desks on the market will give you some good options to choose from.

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