What is IPS glow? (5 Ways to Fix It In 2022)

Every day for 6-7 hours, we spend our time in front of our IPS monitor. The monitor is cool, ideal for work, gaming, etc. Hardly there were any visual problems in it until we discovered IPS glow in one of our monitors.

To put that in, we had to understand what is IPS glow, the source of the problem, and the future impact it will create.

Without any hassle, the problem was determined with ease. It is just a patch of uneven light at the corner of the computer monitor screen. We didn’t worry much, as it didn’t cause any problem to the device or our work.

As we resolve the issue, we share the whole experience in this article. You’ll be able to know everything about IPS glow, along with some usual questions asked by many tech freaks.

What is IPS Glow?

To speak simply, IPS glows the uneven bright light at the corners of your IPS monitor. It can be white, blue, etc. The lights are most visible when your screen is fully dark.

IPS glow appears when your monitor is running. The lights inside the monitor cannot pass through the screen properly. Thus, it gets stuck to certain areas, mainly at the corners, and creates disturbing visuals.

This is a common problem for all the IPS monitors. All of them face the problem more or less. If you are pondering purchasing a monitor that won’t undergo the issue, you might be wasting your time.

The goal should be how to know what IPS glow is and the ways to minimize them. Then, you can make the most use of your monitor.

Causes of IPS Glow

The most common and usual reason for IPS glow is the defect of the manufacturer. Yes, the brand you are purchasing depends a lot on determining the fortune of your monitor. This includes the IPS defecting as well.

The issue arises at one stage of using the monitor for a while. It is a technologist issue. You cannot eliminate it at the beginning.

Here, the band plays a vital role. Because the parts and technologies implemented in the monitor determined how long it can sustain without the glowing effect. The better the brand, the later you get to experience the effect.

Mainly, the IPS panels are the one that decides the IPS glow. When it is built correctly, you can experience the natural state of the screen for a long time. Not only that, you are getting a proper IPS display without any disturbance.

But my friend, you cannot escape the IPS glow at any cost from your monitor. One day or another, you will have to experience it. So, don’t think much of the problem. It is natural for the monitor. So instead, decide how to enact to improvise the impact.

Sometimes, some external impact on the monitor also causes harm to the panel frame. The IPS glow becomes visible faster than usual to a particular spot. The health of the monitor also becomes a valid point here.

How to Fix IPS Glow

To speak frankly, you cannot terminate the IPS glow from your monitor. All you can do is make suitable surroundings to deal with the problem. And to do that, we are bringing you some effective measures to implement while using a monitor with IPS glow.

#1: Adjusting the surrounding light higher than usual

With a higher light than usual, you are to experience a more negligible effect of the IPS panel glow. Your visual won’t concentrate much on lower or uneven light areas then.  

To sum it up, you can also adjust the ambient lights and brightness of your monitor. With that, you are getting a feasible way of dealing with the excess light of IPS glow. Not only that, but you are also getting the best comfort while looking at the screen.

#2: Positioning the monitor differently

Usually, you visualize the monitor straight to your eyes. You can quickly get the IPS to glow visible to your sight.

Since the goal is to eliminate the IPS glow from your sight, you can adjust the monitor from its normal position. That is, you can tilt the monitor a bit behind. This will cover the IPS glow region from your sight well.

Also, adjusting the height of the monitor can be of great advantage. It depends from person to person normally. In short, keep your monitor in a great position so that the IPS glow doesn’t affect you much.

#3: Distancing from the monitor

A reasonable distance from the monitor is suitable for overshadowing the IPS glow effect and ensuring proper health for your eyes. You are doing two goods in one adaptation.

Yes, a proper distance from the monitor is suitable for neglecting the IPS glow. The heavy, uneven brightness cannot catch your eyes when you do so. This prevents you from working or using the monitor comfortably.

In addition, you put less pressure on your eyes. If you need to wear blue glasses while using the monitor, you can omit that. Good for you, your eyes, and your comfort.

#4: Detaching the display panel, a bit

Your IPS panel is playing with you with the uneven light. How about you play with it a bit? The trick is to loosen the outer panel frame a bit from the screen. You’ll see the result yourself.

While you do so, adjust the area that is causing the IPS glow. Determine it and keep the panel loosened a bit. The lights in that region will clatter and spread, reducing the impact of the IPS glow.

Sometimes, the dust inside the panel might cause dark patches inside your monitor. This might result in light and dark patches in different regions. Cleaning them up will reduce the problem a lot.

#5: Rubbing with a microfiber cloth

This is the most adaptive technique but the least effective one. A microfiber cloth is suitable for rubbing on the screen, be it a monitor or mobile.

You will be just acting as cleaning the screen of the monitor. Be a little bit harsher to the IPS glowing areas. As you put pressure on the screen, the source of the glow might get a bit tilted. If you are lucky enough, the IPS glow might be resolved with it.

As a result, there are high possibilities that you can fix that region with the cloth rubbing. But it rarely happens unless your brand is a normal one.

Because they tend to display the problem due to weak manufacturing, thus, any small advent can raise the issue to you.

Backlight Bleeding vs. IPS Glow

There might be some confusion regarding the backlight bleed and IPS glow. Seeing quite the same from the outside, they are different sources of problem to your monitor. Their measures and effect are different too.

Before comparing them, let’s get to know some minor information about them.

IPS Glow

  • An uneven glow appears at different spots, mainly at the corners of the screen or IPS panels.
  • There might be different colors on the spot.
  • Doesn’t determine the fault of the monitor.

Backlight Bleed

  • Leaks over the edges of the screen brightness areas, mainly on the four sides.
  • Usually white or off-white. The defect visualizes wholly.
  • Occurs when the monitor is at fault or defect.

If you want to test it on your monitor I recommend you watch this video:

We can overview a good perception of much IPS glow and backlight bleed from these points. Their occurrence and causes determine the condition of the computer monitor.

In short, you need to repair or get a new monitor when the backlight bleed occurs. On the other hand, you can resist the impact of the IPS glow with preventive measures. 

Some Questions You May Have

Do all IPS have IPS glow?

All the IPS monitors will undergo the IPS glow at one stage. Some show the symptom earlier, while the other shows quite later. It is not a defect. Instead, it is a condition of the monitor after a while.

Are IPS monitors better?

IPS monitors are the newest innovation in the monitor world. They are better at every stage, viewing angle, color contrast, gaming, watching movies, etc. You don’t get to see any defect or difference viewing the screen from any monitor side.

Which light is good for the eyes?

Warm light is good for the eyes. They tend to spread more than usual, impacting your eyes less. Thus, you get to have a comfortable viewing angle.

Is dark mode better for eye fitness?

You might enjoy using your monitor in a dark room, but it is not suitable for your eyes. Because at that time, the screen brightness from the monitor directly affects your eye’s pupils.

This makes it harder for you to look at the screen. More stress is indulged, weakening your eye a bit. That’s why it is recommended to use the monitor, not in a dark room. Even if you do so, wear a blue light lens glass.

Final Words

By reading the whole article, you have mastered the topic for sure. No way you have to look for what is IPS glow to any other sources. As the problem is just resistible, it becomes easier for you to deal with it.

While doing so, you need to be careful with the monitor’s inner panel frame. As it is an electronic device, the panel frame construction can undergo any uneven effect while you handle it handily. Better watch that out. Otherwise, you might pay for it later.