Everything You Need To Know About Mouse Bungee (+ DIY tips)

Whether you work in an office or you are an avid gamer, you probably know how annoying wires can be. The mouse wire goes over the keyboard wire. Put the mouse around your computer and it will mix with other cables – some for your monitor and others for power. Simply put, unless you rely on wireless features for every device, cable and wire tangling is a common problem that affects everyone.

At some point, this problem becomes so common that people no longer see it as an issue. You get used to it. You know that you have to untangle wires every now and then. You know that you need to take your mouse through a few wires in order to move it and so on. Luckily, you do have some good options that will make everything a breeze.

This is when the mouse bungee kicks in to make your life easier. This device has the primary role to secure your mouse wire. In other words, it provides lots of movement without the hassle associated with tangling. It comes in all kinds of shapes and designs and it has a growing popularity these days, yet it is not new on the market at all.

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What is a mouse bungee?

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So, what is a mouse bungee? The device is used to handle your mouse wire. It can be basic – like a solid support securing the mouse wire – or super sophisticated. Such things are not new at all. Back in the 1990s, they were quite common in offices, but they lost their popularity of their time. These days, they are more sophisticated than ever and back in trends.

After 2010, the mouse bungee gain notoriety among gamers. Gamers require lots of activity during intense games. They need to be able to move, rather than lag due to a problematic wire spreading all over the desk. The bungee prevents such issues and adds to the overall gaming experience, hence it’s recently growing notoriety.

Back in the 1990s mouse bungees were quite common in offices, but they lost their popularity of their time. These days, they are more sophisticated than ever and back in trends.💪

A bungee can be made of more materials, but most commonly, it is made of plastic. A gaming mouse bungee will most likely carry higher quality standards. They could be made of hard plastic, metal or silicon. Given the marketing towards gamers, some of them come in futuristic shapes and designs, but they also feature glowing lights for a better effect.

Exploring the functionality of a gaming mouse bungee

A mouse bungee setup is fairly simple to understand. You get a large plate as a base. It is stable and has the weight concentrated at the bottom to prevent tipping. It is relatively tall and features a crane-like design. There is a clamp that holds the table and it varies widely in height – anywhere between two and five inches on average.

For maximum efficiency, the bungee goes right in front of the mouse. This way, the wire is straight and less likely to affect the mouse functionality. You can set the cable length yourself, only to ensure the wire will reach the pad, but without being too long. This way, you will avoid unnecessary loops, which inevitably cause annoyance.

For maximum efficiency, the bungee goes right in front of the mouse. This way, the wire is straight and less likely to affect the mouse functionality.

The rest of the cable is still on the table, but it goes through the bungee and stays out of your sight. It is far from the first part of it, so it is less likely to get in the way. Simply put, you can forget about rotating or twisting the mouse every now and then in order to eliminate loops – which only affect the functionality during games.

While bungees back in the 1990s were pretty basic, modern alternatives come with all kinds of bells and whistles. For instance, the mouse bungee use can go to another level if it features a USB hub. Such a bungee will have to be connected to the computer, but it provides access to more output solutions for other peripherals – such as a charging cable for your phone.

Moreover, it is important to know that most bungees come with a nonslip surface. When placed on the desk, the bungee is less likely to move along with the mouse. It is quite heavy, but the nonslip surface is what adds to its efficiency. Without it, it would become an extra annoyance moving around the top and causing discomfort.

Now that you understand how a mouse bungee works and what its primary role is, what type of benefits does it come with? Why would you buy one for your desk?

Clean and efficient setup

This is one of the main reasons wherefore so many people invest in mouse bungees today. The bungee will hold the cable in place. Without it, the cable will move all over the desk based on the movements of your mouse. This kind of device will basically manage the cable and keep it under control – loops can alter its functionality, while constant movements can cause loops and annoyance.

Apart from efficiency, you also get a cleaner look. Whether you are an avid gamer, you work from home or in an office, you probably know where the lack of maintenance can go – a mess all over your desk. A gamer will always appreciate a clean setup, while an office worker will be able to find everything they need much easier if the setup is clean and neat.

Consistency in movements

Consistency is just as important when you get a mouse bungee – as well as one of its primary benefits. Some bungees come with a mechanism that moves and directs cable in the direction of your mouse movements. Some others will simply bend towards wherever you move the hand – this model is quite rare though.

Some bungees come with a mechanism that moves and directs cable in the direction of your mouse movements

Given these capabilities, the bungee will give you just as much cable as you need. You will not get more extra wire to cause loops and tangle, but you will not face any discomfort either. The bungee will not restrict the cable, so you will not feel limited in your movements. As a direct consequence, you get more consistency when playing.

While mouse bungees are obviously associated with wired mice, the truth is you can make a wired mouse feel like a wireless one.

Little to no drag

The drag might be irrelevant to regular users – mostly because they have no idea what it means. Simply put, imagine a long cable on the desk. The cord will run along with the desk as you move the mouse. This kind of issue will produce drag. As a direct consequence, your mouse will feel a bit heavier than it actually is. The instinct is to raise the mouse in the air, shake it a little to rearrange the wire, and put it back down.

Everyone suffers from drag every now and then. If you work in an office, you probably deal with this problem quite often, For a gamer, it can become extremely frustrating. Imagine having to rearrange the cord every now and then in the middle of an important game – it will ruin everything. This is when the bungee kicks in.

A mouse bungee will keep the wire in its arm. It will provide as much or as little wire as you need. The drag and resistance are dramatically reduced, adding to your overall efficiency.

Extra features

Extra features are often classified as advantages when it comes to mouse bungees. A few USB ports can be quite handy. You could charge your phone, for example. You could also opt for an even cleaner setup – your mouse, keyboard and other peripherals can go in the bungee, depending on how many outputs you have.

Lights are just as attractive, especially for gamers. A gamer will never say no to a nicely lit computer unit, a mouse with floating lights or perhaps a bungee with extra shades. While lights will not affect the overall functionality, they will most likely add to the overall experience during an intense game.

Mouse bungee DIY solutions

Your imagination is probably your only limit when interested in making your own mouse bungee. A heavy base – it could be anything, a homemade arm – you might as well use a pen – and a few loops will get the job done. As long as you understand the operating principle of a bungee, there is no way to fail in creating your own. You can use basic things you already have around your house or you could make it look more sophisticated.

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Bottom line, a mouse bungee is a great cable management solution for those who need excellent functionality for their mice – be it in gaming or office work. Most bungees will work on the same functionality principles, but small details tend to make the difference.

While it is not impossible to come up with your own DIY solution for cable management, investing in a bungee will add to the overall efficiency, not to mention gaining access to a bunch of extra features as well.​

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