How To Lock Mouse To One Monitor (3 Useful Tips That Work)

Dual monitors represent a thing these days. More and more people rely on two monitors because one of them is simply not enough. Sure, you can always scroll through windows – minimize, maximize, minimize, maximize and so on. However, the job is time consuming and certain applications will cause you to waste plenty of resources. The same rule applies to gamers who simply want a better setup for more efficient gaming sessions.

Now, the mouse will usually float between one monitor and another. Sometimes, it is extremely handy – you want that. Other times, you want the mouse locked to one monitor only. Learning how to lock mouse to one monitor can be tricky though because there are various solutions out there. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent the mouse from going to the second monitor – some of them refer to the software, while others are based on the monitor position.

When it comes to games, you should not bother with locking the mouse until you try out your favorite game. The good news is that many modern games come with specific features that lock the mouse into a certain monitor. They work like third party softwares and do not require twitching any settings or installing third party software. It is not a general rule though, so double your game upfront. Try moving from one monitor to another.

If the mouse goes, here is how to keep mouse on one monitor.

Why lock the mouse cursor?

Before moving on to how to lock your mouse, why would you do it? After all, you set the dual monitor system yourself because it is practical. As helpful as it seems, this setup does have its flows as well. For example, imagine having to close a window and not being able to press the button because the mouse floats to another monitor.

Other times, you may not even need the dual monitor – not in a practical way at least. You open a window for a program you need – such as a reference piece of work for your thesis for inspiration. You do not need the mouse there, so you might as well lock it to the main screen in order to prevent accidental crossing – just a matter of frustration.

Now, think about games. No matter what kind of games you play, there will always be situations to require erratic movements. You might play a shooter game that requires intense activity. You might as well play a strategy game and get attacked on another part of the map. Scrolling up there could get your mouse to the other monitor.

Even when it comes to small things, such as scrolling down on a page, clicking on a bar or closing a window, not being able to do it is frustrating. You are used to scroll by going far right – no need to stop on a single monitor, just go all the way to the right. Things are different with a dual monitor, as you will inevitably cross.

How to lock mouse cursor from settings?

Learning how to lock mouse cursor will often direct you to third party programs. Most tutorials online will tell you to download one software or another, but they all overlook the simplest solution of all. You can learn how to lock mouse to one monitor by working on the settings of your operating system.

This option is more beneficial for more reasons. You do not have to download another program. If the program is not free, you do not have to pay for it. Then, you do not want to overwhelm your computer with extra programs to slow it down or perhaps expose yourself to viruses or malware.

Working on the settings of your operating system is probably the best way to lock your mouse. Go to the desktop and right click on it – not on an icon, but the actual desktop. You will find display settings in various names, depending on the type of operating system you have.

If you want to lock mouse to one monitor on Windows 10, look for display settings. If you want to do it in Windows 7, go to the screen resolution settings. Once the settings window pops up, you will see the actual alignment of your monitors. The system is displayed on the main part of the window – each monitor is counted.

Most commonly, the arrangement is side by side. This is why running your move to one end will push it to the other monitor. Now, where do you want to lock the mouse?

Click on the monitor you want to lock the mouse in to select it, then simply drag it. Push it a bit higher or lower. The general idea is to have your two monitors aligned diagonally.

Mouse not locking to game? Set your monitors diagonally and it will no longer fly. Of course, the mouse will still drag from one monitor to another, but not if you go side by side. You will no longer float to another monitor when trying to close a window. Your mouse will no longer disappear when trying to aim at an enemy in the game.

You can still reach the second monitor, but you will have to push your mouse through the bottom corner. It depends on the diagonal arrangement. Sometimes, you may need to go in the upper right corner or the upper left corner. Other times, you can set it to the lower corners. Consider your applications, games or work and choose the corner that you use least.

How to lock mouse to one monitor with a cursor lock application?

When it comes to third party software, you have two options. One of them involves using a cursor lock software. Learning how to lock mouse to one monitor with a cursor lock program is usually intuitive. The good news is you will find both free and premium programs. Get a free one with a good reputation to avoid viruses and malware.

The primary role of such a tool is to confine your mouse to a single monitor. Obviously, it comes with some extra settings for dual monitors too – some of them could come for a premium fee. However, locking the mouse is usually free.

The program will allow you to turn the edge of the monitor into a virtual border for the mouse. You will be able to see both monitors and choose where you want to lock the mouse. Advanced settings may involve force lock features, as well as lock region options. On another note, some of these programs also allow enabling hot keys to toggle the lock.

How to lock mouse to one monitor with a dual monitor application?

From many points of view, dual monitor applications share some of the features you may find in cursor lock programs. The main difference? These tools come with more settings for dual monitor setups and can be handy for numerous uses. The cursor lock is just an extra feature.

Again, you can find both free and premium applications – or basic free applications with a premium version as well. It depends on what kind of features you require. If you are after locking the mouse only, you should go for a free software.

You can let the mouse move freely between monitors, but you can also make the edges sticky. This sticky feature slows the mouse down as it reaches the borders.

Basically, moving it slowly will not cross the other monitor. If you have to cross, you will need a sudden and fast movement towards the frame. While handy at times – it allows you to go in the upper right corner to close a window, it can be frustrating when you play a fast paced game and you move the cursor erratically around the screen. You will accidentally end up on the other monitor.

You may also lock the mouse to one monitor and be able to cross the border by pressing a certain key. Choose the key you need to press yourself. Practically, no matter how quickly you move your mouse, it will not cross to the second monitor unless the respective key is pressed. You can usually apply the same setting for certain mouse buttons – although it could cause havoc. Imagine mass selecting icon just because you have to press the left button to cross to the second monitor.

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As a short final conclusion, learning how to lock mouse to one monitor is not the most complicated job in the world. Sure, you will realize you need to lock the mouse in the worst possible moment – when you have a deadline to hit or when you are in work.

The good news is you do have more options out there. From a simple setting in the display options to more complicated third party programs with various settings, your options are countless and the whole job should be a matter of minutes only.