6 Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking (in 2022)

Who doesn’t love playing video games? In fact, gamers these days spend a hell of a lot of money to build their dream gaming setup. When it comes to professional gaming requirements, a perfect mouse can increase the level of clicking comfort and the chances of winning against super-fast opponents! 

Finding the best mouse for butterfly clicking is not an easy task from the tons of available options out there. Not only does it require an accurate measurement that matches your hand size, but also overall holding comfort and fast clicking capacity to come out as a winner. 

So, if you are looking for the best gaming mouse that can meet your needs, then this guide is surely for you. I have compiled a list of 6 amazing gaming mice for your convenience. 

Throughout our research, I found Razer DeathAdder V2 to be the best of all for its accuracy performance, excellent 20k DPI sensor, and durability. 

6 Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking Reviews

I have selected six gaming mice that you can use on a PS5, PlayStation, XBOX, MAC, etc. In addition, these six mice are selected for review because of their unique quality, fantastic performance, and flexibility for medium to large-sized hands.

So, let’s get started to discover which one can fulfill or exceed your expectations.

#1: Glorious Model O RGB Gaming Mouse (Best For Medium & Large Hands)

Let’s start with our first pick from Glorious Model, which can boost your gaming experience to a great extent with all its striking features.

This excellent gaming mouse is made from 100% pure virgin PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) that ensures a durable, long-lasting experience throughout. 

Its honeycomb shell design will keep your hands cool and fresh during nail-biting games. The lights that reflect through the honey shell design make it more attractive and fascinating for gamers.

Moreover, Omron mechanical switches provide a .09″ travel distance, which means you can drag it easily to any location with push-button switches. 

The DPI of 12,000 and 20 million clicks maximum for Real-Time strategy games can set any color and value. It comes with 1,000 Hz for high performance, speed, and responsiveness, and the PixArt 3360 sensor has zero mouse acceleration. 

Although you might experience issues with the connection of the mouse while playing games, it may not be a significant problem since it reconnects within a few seconds. 

In addition, this gaming mouse has a cable-braided ascended cord, making it lightweight, wireless, drag-free, and flexible. Due to its round edges of -0.81 mm thickness, it provides your mouse with a great lifespan.


  • This glorious model O mouse can easily be set up on any computer or desktop.
  • The light reflection of the honey shell surface makes it fascinating.
  • Left-handed people can use it too, due to its ambidextrous design.
  • The glorious model O mouse can be utilized for official purposes.


  • It might be more expensive than other mice.
  • Sometimes it can disconnect and take a few seconds to reconnect.

Short Verdict

The glorious model O is perfect for medium to large-sized hands as its length is 5″, and its width is 2.5″. In addition, it’s made of ultra-durable build material.

So, if you are looking for a durable, perfectly shaped mouse for your medium or large-sized hands, then this one can surely be your pick.  

#2: Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse (Best For Fast Clicking)

Our next pick will surprise you with its flash-like fast movement capacity. DeathAdder uses 20k DPI (dots per inch) buttons for a better sensor that helps the cursor deliver the fastest performance with minimum hand movement. 20K DPI measures the mouse sensitivity. 

Even the most delicate activity is tracking and an acute level of precision for game-winning headshots. Moreover, this decent mouse has won an award for its ergonomic design with outstanding curves that provide a perfect palm grip. Also, it works wonders with claw and fingertip styles.

Razer optical mouse switches have eight programming buttons that can be customizable through Razer Synapse 3 and execute a multi-functional paddle for quick movements. Moreover, you can adjust the scroll wheel according to your preference from the bottom via a dial. 

However, the weight of this mouse is comparatively heavier than other mice, yet you won’t need to face any significant issues since the overall texture and surface of this mouse are pretty smooth for optimum performance. 

This mouse has a drag-free cord that affords you a wireless mouse feeling and absolute control over the mouse, which will improve your game performance. 


  • The Chroma RGB lighting can be changed.
  • The RGB lighting helps you find the mouse in the dark.
  • This mouse is excellent for FPS professional gamers.
  • It has complex macro functions to save and store five profile configurations.
  • The ergonomic shape is excellent for tracking and feels sturdy. 


  • Only right-handed users can use this due to its shape.
  • The weight of this mouse is 2.9 oz, so it might feel heavy.

 Short Verdict

The Razer DeathAdder V2 has a laser switch instead of standard buttons, which makes every click comparatively fast with no delay. Therefore, your clicks will be pretty fast without worrying about missed clicks or time delays. 

#3: Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse (Best Lightweight Mouse)

This ambidextrous mouse is well-known for being ultra-lightweight and an ideal mouse for medium to large hands. The length of this mouse is 5″, the width is 2.5″, and the height is 1.4″, making it perfect for medium to large hands. 

It also has a flexible braided cable around 6.5 feet long, making it ultra-flexible and producing a drag-free wireless feel. It has a max tracking speed of 250+ IPS, causing an E-sport drag-free scroll, accuracy, and speedy mouse for gamers. 

 Moreover, Pixart 3360 tracks zero acceleration for speed, accuracy, and precision, and its 1,000 Hz polling rate is perfect for all games. Also, it has less than a 0.27″ lift of distance for the perfect aim in your video game. 

It even has a macro on the 6th button for support and recording any game, and you can play it later. Omron mechanical switches are rated for 20 million clicks with maximum durability and quality control standards.

One of the drawbacks of this mouse is the connection, although you can easily fix it by unplugging and plugging the mouse via the main connection.

The maximum DPI is 12,000, and the indicator is on the bottom of the mouse. It requires software to set any value and colors, so, when adjusting on the fly, you will always get value through the software. 


  • This mouse has claw grips for extra smooth and sharp movements.
  • You can also customize it with bungee, grip tape, and ceramic feet.
  • It’s best for smooth sliding.
  • The weight is only 2.4 oz, so it’s pretty light.


  • Sometimes it can disconnect, and you have to unplug it and plug it in again to work.

Short Verdict

If you are looking for something ultra-flexible and lightweight, then you can surely count on this mouse. It also gives you a smooth clicking experience, and this ergonomic mouse can deliver fantastic performance and winning strategies. 

#4: Glorious Model D Gaming Mouse (Best Mouse with Scrolling Wheel)

I’m coming back with another excellent mouse from Glorious Model. This D gaming mouse has a honeycomb shell design that provides comfort and is also ultra-durable.

Made of high-quality material, its honeycomb shell design provides air circulation, which means no sweaty and sticky hands while using it. 

The scrolling wheel is great in this decent mouse, and the light strips are present on both sides of the mouse and each side of the scroll wheel with logos. This wheel mouse is easy to use without any fatigue. However, some people have faced issues of squeaky noises emanating from the scroll wheel.  

Instead of stock cables, they used a light braided Ascend cord that is drag-free, almost feels wireless, and has flexible cables. Moreover, the mouse has G-stakes made of 100% pure virgin PTFE feet for smooth gliding and tracking quick movement for video games. 

You can set the DPI indicator to select colors and any value accordingly, but it requires software to control it. In addition, Pixart 3360 sensor has pixel-perfect tracking to catch every move in the game. 1,000 Hz pooling rates make it more sensitive and determine what is best for the system and you.

The con is that the software of this mouse may only run on a few devices. So, I always recommend that you consult the manual or discuss this with the seller for clarification. 


  • The feet of this mouse have 0.031″ thickness for maximum lifespan.
  • The lift-off of this mouse distance is 0.027″.
  • The switch type is an Omron mechanical switch, rated for 20 million clicks.
  • It would help if you separated software for Max DPI 12,000 for advance adjustment.


  • Software to run for RBG lighting and DPI may work only on a few selected devices.

Short Verdict

This ideal mouse has a great scroll wheel and a 1,000 Hz tracking sensor for detecting every hand movement and is pixel-perfect for better performance on a PC, XBOX, Mac, PlayStation, etc. So, if these are your requirements, this can definitely be your pick. 

#5: Logitech G203 Gaming Mouse (Best Traditional Mouse with Spring Switches)

Looking for something traditional with exciting features? This mouse’s features are different from others, and the mechanical button uses a metal spring to bounce back for both the first finger and middle finger buttons while reducing the force. It has six buttons that provide an exceptional feel to click and respond.

Apart from this, RGB lighting technology synchronizes the light with the game. You can customize the button light in approximately 16.8 million colors. Also, customize it quickly and easily if you use G hub software.

Furthermore, this wired mouse has the Logitech logo on the top rear RGB lighting. It has a G203 that is direct and configured fully by G hub software.

You can use any six buttons to customize and simplify in-game actions. Also, it has an optical sensor of DPI 200 to 8,000 that provides accuracy, tracking speed, and consistency for control over the mouse.

The best mouse for butterfly clicking has a fly DPI that settles two acute settings with one click. The 250-pixel DPI affords a speedy 2,500 DPI movement. You can use G hub software to customize the DPI setting for the style of gameplay.

Although you may start to face some issues regarding initial clicks, it tends to disappear after regular and consistent use.

Moreover, due to its G203 customer settings, you can save according to your preferred onboard memory. You don’t need other software or to change your settings to play any recorded video game performance on any other computer.


  • Easy plug and play with customers according to your taste
  • Logitech updated G hub software, which works perfectly with a USB cable
  • It works wonders well for 3D artists.
  • High-quality manufacturing


  • Left mouse buttons are not available in this mouse, so it might be an issue for left-handed users.
  • Over time, you may discover some start-click issues.

Short Verdict

One of the best mice for butterfly clicking that provides optical switches or split trigger buttons. If you are searching for traditional mechanical switches with spring buttons, this mouse is perfect for you.

#6: Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse (Best For PRO Users)

The Razer Naga mouse is one of the best butterfly mice on the market, especially known for its comfortability. This mouse provides maximum control of your hands no matter what game you are playing – MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) or MMO (massively multiplayer online) gameplay. 

This 19-button mouse allows you to configure your mouse to select the tools in the game. This butterfly clicking mouse has a 5G optical sensor with true 16,000 DPI, which provides optimized precision and speed for swift hand movements.

High precision and an accurate 16,000 DPI 5G optical sensor make it the fastest sensor to track any quick hand movements. Sensitive and dedicated adjust-on-the-fly DPI buttons are reprogrammable for gaming.

The shape has a unique ambidextrous design and has three magnetic interchangeable side plates. You can customize 2, 7, and 12 buttons according to the gameplay. Every button is designed to work on the high optical sensor, so there is no chance your index finger or middle finger can mis-click.

The sound of the mouse button clicks may be an issue; however, it shouldn’t be that problematic when you wear gaming headphones or during intense matches.

Moreover, there are 19 programmable buttons that are remapping and complex macro functions through Razer Synapse software. 


  • The buttons are changeable according to your gameplay panel.
  • Macros make it easy to replay and record.
  • It has 16.8 million configurable color options for Chroma RGB lights.
  • Its rubber side grips and ridged scroll wheel ensure maximum control and accuracy while scrolling.


  • 2 AA batteries are required.
  • Audible sounds of multiple buttons might be distracting.

Short Verdict

This butterfly clicking mouse can be customized according to your gameplay.

So, if you are searching for something more professional that has some extra mouse features you can use with any game, then the Razer Naga Trinity with three changeable magnetic side panels is the best bet for your needs. 

What Should You Look for in the Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking?

There are many butterfly mice available on the market, so it’s pretty tough to decide which one is a suitable mouse for you. Before making any decision, I’d like to enlighten you with some more features about the best butterfly double-clicking mouse. 

Here are some factors you must consider before buying any butterfly mouse for gaming purposes. 

Size and Measurement

Many options are available for small to medium and large hand sizes. Before you buy any mouse, make sure to look at the description of mouse measurements (and here’s how to measure your hand correctly). 

Moreover, you must buy the correct size according to your hand’s length. 

If your hands are large, go for a medium to large-sized mouse, or, if you have small hands, go for the smallest mouse available.

Also, always read the measurements before buying it or ordering it online. The mouse must fit your hands, or you will face gripping or other issues. 

Palm Grip

The mouse surface is where your palm rests with two fingers, and, if it is not comfortable or slippery to hold, it will cause hand movement problems. The slick mouse will sleep out while making a sharp movement, and its uncomfortable surface could itch your palms. 

Moreover, mouse feet must have claw grips, which will give your wrist a comfort zone with controlled hand movements, or they will slip on the mouse pad, which is uncommon, but it is better safe than sorry. 

Also, grip style depends on the size of your hands. That’s why it’s vital to know the correct measurement of your hands. 

Wireless Vs Wired Mouse

There is much debate over this issue, but no worries! I will eliminate every doubt about this matter. Wireless mice are in fashion and have come a long way in the past few years, but they have some downsides: limited battery life and potential latency. 

However, if you choose a wireless mouse, I suggest opting for 30 hours or more of battery life. This option will lead you to Bluetooth, a 2.4 GHz dongle connection, etc. It depends on your preferences which one will be a suitable mouse for you and falls within your budget.

I suggest going for a 2.4 GHz dongle connection because it’s faster, but it does require a USB port. You can find the mouse that stores the dongle inside the shell.

DPI Acceleration

The higher DPI doesn’t mean good quality or a better mouse sensor. The combination of DPI and IPS (inches per second) is vital to the maximum velocity that makes your sensor track those counts. So, the combination of DPI and IPS makes the mouse a better sensor.

Acceleration depends on the G-rating. Some mice falter when they reach specific G ratings, but the mouse can handle it and still track effectively. But, you might notice your mouse on the screen not running the target on time or late while dashing it left, right, and back and forth. 

Optical Sensor or Laser Sensor

Optical or laser sensors work perfectly for gaming purposes. A laser mouse can work on any surface or mouse pad. Yet, the optical sensor has better accuracy than that designed and manufactured by PixArt.

How Can You Make Your Gaming Mouse Perform More Effectively? 

The mouse you use greatly influences your gaming success. It’s not just about getting the proper gaming mouse, but getting the greatest gaming mouse for you. The greatest mouse with the best features may disappoint if you’re not comfortable using it. 

Once you’ve chosen a mouse that meets your needs, you must correctly set it up and maintain it to reap the benefits.

Optical Mouse

Choosing an optical mouse is always recommended for the best gaming experience. Modern gaming mice incorporate optical and laser sensors. The blue LED optical mouse can easily adjust to various textures between your desk or mousepad and can even be used on glass.

On the other hand, the red diode mouse works better with a special mousepad or surface. The laser mouse has better sensitivity and higher DPI. Optical mice are less sensitive than laser mice but more accurate. 

Gamers should choose a laser mouse over an optical mouse to save money based on comfort and natural feel.

DPI Adjustments for a Better Gaming Experience 

Fewer DPI means faster cursor displacement. So, the more DPI, the faster cursor displacement. Controlling your mouse’s DPI is important while switching between games. Choosing a mouse that meets your specific needs in terms of speed and accuracy may give you the best gaming experience. 

Using Teflon for a Smooth Mouse

Finally, mouse feet affect the overall speed and smoothness of your mouse. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTEF) is the chemical name of the substance that most mice are made of. It is insulating, heat and cold resistant, anti-stick, and self-lubricating. Teflon is a non-oily, smooth substance.

Moreover, ensure the Teflon is not damaged in any way, as the additional friction of the damaged Teflon may make it harder to move your mouse. In such cases, consider replacing worn-out mouse feet. 

Some Questions You May Have

Can You Use a Standard Mouse for Gaming?

The short answer is yes, but standard mice don’t have other mouse features or buttons that will help you as much as a gaming mouse can do. So, it is better to use a gaming mouse for a pro-gamer experience.

Is an Optical and Laser Mouse Better?

An optical mouse (or laser mouse) also has accurate and precise tracking, and it can easily track the slightest hand movement that makes it swift. But, the optical mouse doesn’t have a laser, so it might face difficulty following the activity. Also, it won’t work on some surfaces.

What is an LED Mouse?

An LED mouse is also known as RGB light. The optical mouse has lights on both sides that can be customized through software and can change color according to the surface or feature buttons, and that is called an LED mouse.

Is a Bluetooth Mouse Suitable for Gaming?

Bluetooth mice are wireless. It would help if you connected Bluetooth to your computer to use a Bluetooth mouse. However, the Bluetooth mouse might sometimes disconnect from the device or lag a lot. Also, the Bluetooth mouse has battery life issues. 


So, these are the best mice for butterfly clicks that will give you a pro gamer experience in any game without a problem.

For an improved and fantastic experience, I recommend you opt for the Razer DeathAdder V2 for its 20k DPI sensor and accuracy performance. 

The Logitech G203 gaming mouse is another choice of our experts due to its customized button setting that will help you record your gameplay. 

Moreover, every mouse has fulfilled the professional gamers’ requirements. The best mouse for butterfly clicking has a different structure and design so that you can choose according to your preference and desire.