My Mouse Scrolls Erratically (8 Useful Tips To Solve It Now)

Whether you use a wired or a wireless mouse, there is nothing more annoying than jumping issues. You basically move the mouse and it scrolls down a little. Try to scroll down to read a long article and it scrolls three pages down instead. Then try to play and it scrolls up to show you the sky, rather than the enemy in front of you. The problem will not really fix by itself, but it will aggravate – the more you ignore it, the worse it becomes.

The mouse wheel scrolls erratically even when you barely touch it. At this point, most people would rather just get a new mouse. They do not cost a fortune and they can save the hassle. However, whether you love its ergonomic shape or you simply do not feel like getting a new one, there are a few simple ways to fix this issue and prevent it from happening again. Here is everything you need to try to fix the scrolling issue.

Mouse wheel scrolls up and down – Clean it straight away

Cleaning your mouse is the best first thing to do if it scrolls erratically

If the mouse wheel scrolling goes the wrong way sometimes on Windows 10, the problem will keep going worse and worse. The first step – and often the most common fix – is to clean your mouse. Sure, restarting the computer could be your first instinct – it may work sometimes, but this is not necessarily a good option.

Cleaning the mouse is as obvious as restarting the computer and it will solve the problem in 75% of all cases. In an ideal case, you should grab a small screwdriver and open it up. The process is intuitive – take the small screws out, carefully remove the cover and you will be surprised by the small puffs of dirt and debris in there.

There is another way to solve the issue, yet it is temporary. Blow air into the gaps around the wheel a few times. You can also move the scroll as you blow air into it. It will clear off the dirt from around the wheel. You can also rely on a rubber air pump cleaner – do not buy one. If you have one around, go for it. If you do not, it pays off by opening the mouse.

This option will solve the problem when the mouse wheel scrolls the wrong way, but it is a temporary fix. The dirt is still in there, so you will still have to open the unit eventually.

Wireless mouse? It may not be the mouse

Low battery level can be the reason for mouse to behave in a weird manner

Whether the mouse wheel scrolls erratically or it double scrolls, a wireless mouse will not always malfunction because of dirt and debris. Sometimes, the issue is not in the mouse at all, but in the associated elements.

From this point of view, the battery might give you such signs when it is about to die. The mouse wheel scrolls up and down out of nowhere, as you touch the mouse. You barely scroll and it goes down to the bottom of the page. There has to be a spare battery around your home – if not, grab one from the remote controller of your TV and try it out. If the problem is solved, you obviously need a new battery.

If the mouse is wireless, you can simply try connecting the dongle to a different USB port – wiggling it too much, exposing it to pressure or putting it in and out all the time could ruin the port. Even if you use a wired mouse, you can also try changing the USB port.

Mouse wheel double scrolling? Update the drivers

This issue is quite common. You get a new mouse in – most of them work on a plug and play basis. You do not bother about any drivers at all. It works and this is all that matters. But when the mouse wheel double scrolling issue arises, the problem might be in the actual driver, rather than the physical mouse.

Whether you have never worked on the driver or it fails to support the latest updates of your operating system, the driver might be an issue even if the mouse is 100% functional. The issue may arise even if you purchase a new mouse.

The answer? Pretty simple – update the mouse driver. The process is relatively fast and barely takes a few minutes, regardless of the operating system you use. If you use Windows 10, you will need to right-click on the start menu icon. A long menu will pop up – find the Device Manager and go to those settings.

As you look through all the drivers, you should find a submenu for mice and other pointing devices. Click on it to expand it. You will find your mouse there. Right-click on it and you will see more options – one of them implies updating the driver. Click on it. Performing the update is quite easy – click next a few times and so on, typical for Windows.

You may want to restart the computer. Start using the mouse again. If the problem persists, you can go in the exact same menu – all the way to the last step. Right-click on your mouse and choose properties instead of hitting the update driver option. Go to the driver tab and choose the rollback driver option.

Restart your computer again. If the mouse wheel scrolls erratically again, go to the same menu to the last step, right-click on your mouse, and uninstall the device. Reboot the computer and see what happens then.

Mouse wheel scrolls wrong way – Work on the settings

Whether the mouse wheel scrolls erratically, goes up or down too much or it goes the wrong way, you can try fixing the issue by altering its settings. If you have never been through the mouse settings, these issues are less likely to be fixed in there. However, certain programs, applications, and viruses can affect settings, so it is worth giving it a try.

The general idea is that adjusting the number of lines scrolled in one go might solve this problem. Practically, you aim to reduce the jumping issue when scrolling down. These settings are easy to find. If you use Windows, go to the control panel. Find the mouse settings. You can change the view to small icons and find it faster or you can go through the menus.

Click on the mouse and a new window will pop up. There are more tabs and settings. One of the tabs targets the wheel – go there. There are more settings, but you have the option to change the following number of lines at a time. For most people, this setting is set at seven. Change the setting to five. Apply the settings and go on a long web page to see the result. Still, too much jumping? Go down to four.

In Windows 10, you can get to the mouse settings by reaching the Windows 10 settings. Go to devices and you will find the mouse there.

Some sophisticated – and more expensive – mice come with their own software or application. It is worth considering the respective software too. Get into it and play with the settings regarding the line jumping, if any.

Quick fix – Disable the pointer

This setting is less likely to affect the unit when the mouse wheel scrolls erratically out of nowhere, but it makes a quick fix that is worth trying. This setting may sometimes cause the wheel to jump. Since you do not use the mouse pointer when you type, you might as well disable it to see what happens.

Go to the control panel and find the settings for your mouse. Click on the mouse and let the new window pop up. Find the pointer options among the top tab. Click on that tab and you will find a setting to hide pointer while typing. It is not checked by default on most versions of Windows – check it and see what happens.

There is no logical explanation behind it, but how many random fixes do you accidentally find? It might as well work, so give it a try.

Update your software

Sometimes, you have to analyze the problem in smaller details. Whether the mouse is scrolling the wrong way Mac, Windows, or Linux, stop for a moment and watch what happens. When does the problem occur? Does it usually occur when you read long articles over the web? Is it common when you browse the web? Does the mouse work properly when you play a game? How about writing a document?

There are times when the issue affects certain programs or software – usually a third party software. A third party software is a program you install yourself – it is not related to the operating system. Sometimes, based on the version of your system, it might be preinstalled – it is still a third party application though.

For instance, the mouse wheel scrolls erratically when you use Chrome or Opera only. When you browse a long document, it does not. If you notice the mouse acts funny in certain programs only, consider updating those programs. The mouse is clearly fine, but certain apps cause it to malfunction. If you have the error when you browse the web only, update the problematic browser. You might as well try a different browser.

Troubleshoot your mouse

Everyone has been there – random errors occur out of nowhere. Operating systems are so sophisticated that small bugs and errors may still occur every now and then. Many of them go away without you having to do anything, while others persist. Sometimes, such issues may affect the mouse.

While it is often used as a last resort, the troubleshooter in Windows makes a decent option to identify and solve potential issues with your mouse. The process is quick and simple, as well as worth a few minutes of your time.

Get to the control panel in Windows. Look for your mouse. It could be under devices and printers, but you may also find it under hardware and sound. It depends on the Windows version you use. All in all, once you find it, right-click on it.

You will find a small menu, as well as a button to troubleshoot it. Click on it and follow the instructions. The computer will perform a brief scan and analyze the mouse. It could identify problems that can be easily fixed.

Look for the tablet mode

Pressing the wrong keyword combo or touching the wrong button could alter settings and options in Windows. For example, if your mouse wheel scrolls erratically at an incredibly slow rate, chances are you are in tablet mode. You are using a computer, yet Windows allows you to switch to the tablet mode and vice versa.

You might have turned it on accidentally. While it does not necessarily cause the mouse to scroll in all directions out of nowhere it will slow the scrolling function down at times. Fortunately, turning this mode off is a matter of seconds.

Get to the action center on your computer – you can access it through an icon at the bottom right corner. Once in the action center, you will find the tablet mode. Unless you have changed the theme or shortcuts around, it should be one of the first settings. If it is enabled, you can click on it to turn it off.

Is it already off? Simply turn it on, give it a minute and turn it back off. It could solve your problem.


Bottom line, these are the best ways to scroll away from your mouse related problems. The main issue is that you never know what the problem might be. The mouse wheel scrolls erratically, but you have no idea whether it is a hardware issue or a software problem. Do you need a new mouse? Make sure you try each of these options before spending your money.