The Best Mouse Bungee For Gaming in 2022

The mouse bungee is one of the latest hypes in the gaming industry. While not new at all – it was mostly used in offices a few decades ago, it has gained notoriety due to new and futuristic designs, as well as the numerous benefits associated with it.

The bungee hooks onto the cord and prevents it from tangling or moving around with your mouse, but without affecting the movement of the mouse. You can forget about clutter, drag or slipping issues – excellent for mice with braided cords.

Some of the benefits associated with the best mouse bungee include consistency when you play or work, extra accuracy due to the reduced drag, a better feel similar to what a wireless mouse feels, a clean look and even some additional USB ports.

Now, what are the top-rated products on the market, and what makes them so popular?

Top 5 Best Mouse Bungees

Choosing the best mouse bungee is all about researching the best-reviewed products in commerce.

1. Roccat Apuri Raw Mouse Bungee

Roccat’s best mouse bungee looks like a spaceship that has just landed from the future. It measures 5x5x4.2 inches and barely weighs 0.24 pounds. It has a solid base and can easily take intense movements during a gaming session, as well as consistent office work.

The bungee does not restrict your movement, yet it reduces the mouse drag to zero. No matter how aggressive your movements are, chances are you will ensure a secure and stable operation. It has a rubberized base, as well as rubberized feet for security.

The weight is mostly given by the metal components in the base – excellent for stability. It makes cable management a breeze and it makes no difference what mouse you have – it is compatible with everything. Moreover, you can add more weigh if you want more stability – buy them separately though.

What are the pros?

  • Stable and secure
  • Futuristic and appealing design
  • Literally no drag at all
  • Movement is not restricted
  • Compatible with all mice

What are the cons?

  • No additional USB slots

2. Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee v2

Based on durable hard plastic and featuring a classic dome appearance, this mouse bungee is less likely to move or trip over due to its stable base. It has a metallic spring arm – treated to be rust-resistant. Moreover, it does not slip at all, so stability will never be an issue when gaming.

The bungee is designed with space organization in mind. The base measures 4.49×2.98 inches, so it is quite compact. It is the perfect accessory for a shiny desk due to having less drag – great when you play games or to prevent frustration in your office job.

The drag-free cable management system can take cables up to 3.2 millimeters in thickness. In other words, it will work with most mice on the market – including those with braided cables. Other than that, you can only purchase this mouse bungee in a black design.

What are the pros?

  • Spring arm can resist rust
  • Works with most mice out there
  • Base is well weighted for stability
  • Little to no drag
  • Space efficient

What are the cons?

  • Might feel a bit unstable with very thin cables

3. Casethrone aBell Mouse Bungee

Weighing around half a pound and taking stability to another level, Casethrone’s best mouse bungee will successfully manage to keep your cord off the working area of your desk – forget about clutter and dragging issues.

The bungee is designed with comfort in mind, whether you are a professional gamer or you spend eight hours a day in an office. It has excellent stability and a nonslip surface to prevent accidents and frustration.

The experience will be enhanced by the drag-free cord control – compatible with most mice out there. In terms of materials and durability, it is based on abs, silicone, and stainless steel for many years of use. It comes with a pyramid design. Also, some parts can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

What are the pros?

  • Removable parts for easy cleaning
  • Based on strong and durable materials
  • No drag at all
  • Suitable for gamers and office workers
  • Beautiful small details

What are the cons?

  • Not the best choice for mice with super thick cords

4. Glorious Mouse Bungee

While great for office workers too, this mouse bungee has been developed for actual gamers. It is available in two different styles. While the black bungee sells better, you can also get it in elegant white – get ready to clean it more often though.

The bungee measures 2.4×3.8×3.4 inches. It weighs just over 0.5 pounds, so it is relatively heavy for a bungee – you want that, as extra weight clearly underlines more stability. It is worth noting that compatibility will never be an issue, as the bungee works with both thin and thick cables.

The unit features a classic pyramid design and will not tip over or move, regardless of your moves. It comes with a rubber clip and will take different cable sizes. Furthermore, the arm is spring adjustable, so you can choose the most suitable height for your activities.

What are the pros?

  • The arm is spring adjustable in height
  • Compatible with all mice
  • Available in a few colors
  • Rubber clip to avoid wearing cables out
  • Well weighted base

What are the cons?

  • Might move if the wire is pulled too tightly

5. Klim Bungee

Anyone using a wired mouse can benefit from this bungee, but gamers, in particular, will love it due to its futuristic design and lights. It ensures perfect control – no disruptions whatsoever for a fluid activity. The arm is slightly flexible, while the extension is super stable.

Not only does it look like a spaceship, but this mouse bungee also features an internal light that will add to your gaming design. It works as a solid USB 3.0 hub as well, so it brings in a better organization of your connections as you play.

You can use the bungee as nothing but a classic USB hub too. Simply detach the arm. Data transfer rates go up to 5GB/s. There are three USB 3.0 ports, a TF/microSD card slot, and a micro USB port. Altogether, it measures 4.57×4.06×2.99 inches and it is based on plastic.

What are the pros?

  • Good looking design
  • Lighting profile for a better gaming experience
  • Multiple USB slots
  • Stable and solid
  • Ambidextrous operation

What are the cons?

  • Could do with a bit of extra weight

Buying Guide For Choosing The Best Mouse Bungee

Knowing what to look for in the best mouse bungee can prevent all kinds of unexpected surprises and situations. Obviously, going through others’ ratings and reviews will help you get a better idea about what to expect, but you still have to assess your needs upfront and decide on your priorities.

You are wrong if you think all mouse bungees are identical. Designs vary a little, as well as their features and styles – despite being based on the same operating principles. Each bungee can enhance your office or gaming performance in completely different ways.

Working mechanism

Mouse bungees work on the same principles, but they rely on different mechanisms to ensure your mouse cable is well secured. The spring-loaded mechanism is one of the most popular choices because it is convenient and durable.

Then, you may also find rubber or plastic arms. They simply grip the cord and stick to it while working on the tension.

On the same note, the base may also vary from one bungee to another. It is only a base and it does not have much to do with the mechanism, but you still have to pay attention to it. More weight means more stability. Weighted bases obviously make the difference because the weight is closer to the desk.

Opt for a nonslip grip – some bungees have rubber feet, while others have rubber bases. The wider the nonslip surface, the better.

All these mechanisms provide an excellent choice for cluttered desks and cables, but then again, you need to find the best fit for your cable mouse and working or gaming surface.

Design and style

Just because a mouse bungee is supposed to be functional, it does not mean that you can overlook its design and style. Your gaming accessories are supposed to be fun, rather than boring. A bit of flashiness and some colorful pops will turn a boring bungee into the best mouse bungee. Even better, choose one with various RGB LED designs and lights.

A futuristic design is just as attractive. You do not want your bungee to look like it was made in 1995, but like a spaceship coming from the future.

Extras and features

While initially designed in 1994, mouse bungees have diversified a little over the past couple of decades. Back then, they had one simple purpose – clearing clutter and ease of use. These days, they are more suitable for gaming, so they come with a bunch of extra features.

Choose a mouse bungee with extras like multiple USB spots, retractable arms and so on. Some of them feature classic USB 2.0 ports, while others may boost USB 3.0 ports. In other words, you can use your bungee to connect other peripherals in a more efficient manner.

Value for money

Mouse bungees are similarly priced. Whether they come with extra LED lights or some USB ports, the difference in price will not be too great. Sure, the basic designs with no extras whatsoever will be cheaper, but at the end of the day, you will need to assess your personal necessities before anything else.

The best mouse bungee for you will come with the optimal features for a good experience. While some bells and whistles might be cool to have, you may not necessarily need them, so ditch them. Stick to value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure about the best mouse bungee for your gaming or office setup?

How do I stop my mouse cord from dragging?

A simple option involves using a binder clip. The handles should be big enough to match the end of the mouse cable. Run the cable through a handle and clip it to the desk or monitor. Obviously, this is a simple DIY option, but investing in a mouse bungee can provide more efficiency in your gaming adventures or office work.

What is the perfect setup for a mouse bungee?

There are more ways to come up with the perfect setup for a mouse bungee, so you can play around and figure out what works for you. Generally speaking, most people place the bungee against the mouse paid, in the middle. They put the mouse as far as they might need it while still on the pad, then take the cable through the bungee. Give it another inch of slack and you should be alright for a basic setup.

Is a mouse bungee worth it?

You do not necessarily need a mouse bungee – if you have not used one in decades, you could do without it. However, you do not need shoes or new clothes either, but they are nice to have and they make your life easier. The same rule applies to a mouse bungee – it helps against drag and it keeps your desk tidy. Cursor movement will also be improved.

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The bottom line, deciding on the best mouse bungee is a matter of careful attention. No matter what model you choose, chances are it will provide a helpful experience. Obviously, a little consideration will give you the gadget of a lifetime – easy organization, a bunch of helpful extras and a stunning design.