How To Use PS4 Mouse And Keyboard

Use Mouse And Keyboard on PS4

Combining a mouse and a keyboard to play PS4 is one hell of a feeling. The reason is that typing becomes convenient, and browsing too. You may not know this, but some games support the mouse and keyboard, allowing you to move around quickly. However, not all gamers know how to use the PS4 mouse and keyboard. As always, we have you covered. Our guide will take you through specific aspects of this important feature so that you can enjoy all kinds of games even more. Aiming with the mouse as your opponent struggles with controllers is one cool thing you’ll want to try out. 

Connecting the Keyboard and Mouse 

The first step is to connect the keyboard and mouse to your PS4. There is nothing much to explain here because it’s what you do every day with other devices. Connect your mouse and keyboard to your PS4’s USB ports, the ones you use to charge your controllers. 

Connecting Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard to your PS4

It is important to note that the latest keyboards and mice are wireless; they use Bluetooth instead of cables. If you’re using such devices, follow the following procedure to connect them to your PS4.

1. Long into your PS4 account
2. Set your devices as ‘Discoverable’ following your machine’s instructions
3. Open the PS4 console settings using the controller

PS4 console settings

4. Click on the ‘X’ button under ‘Devices.’

PS4 Devices Section

5. Expand the menu and select Bluetooth devices, then click on the ‘X’ button

PS4 Bluetooth devices,

6. Scroll the devices to find your mouse and keyboard, then pair

PS4 Bluetooth Keyboard connected

In this case, connect the dongle to your PS4 port. Please wait for your PS4 to detect the new devices; it shouldn’t take more than a minute. 

Customize Settings

Before you’re able to use the mouse and keyboard to navigate the interface, you need to customize your PS4. That should help you determine how the two components will be used when you begin playing. For instance, you need to decide whether the mouse will be left-handed or right-handed. Additionally, you must set the pointer speed to the one you like. As for the keyboard, you have to decide the type and repeat rate. You can customize these settings by opening ‘Screen Settings’ then select ‘external mouse’ and ‘external keyboard.’ Once the settings are customized, proceed to set the keyboard and a mouse as above. 

Using a PS4 Mouse and keyboard

Before we get started, you need to know that this is a relatively new concept. For that reason, the support for the use of the keyboard and mouse in PS4 is not the best. Developers are still deciding whether the feature is worth implementing or dropping it. However, those who have already tested the feature have had positive reviews about it. Additionally, some games are very much compatible with PS4 mouse and keyboard. 

The following games are compatible with PS4

However, some games are compatible with the keyboard only or the mouse only. Such games include Neverwinter, which is compatible with the keyboard only. 

PS4 Adapters for Mouse and Keyboard

PS4 adapters are plenty in the market, so you will likely find one compatible with your devices. Most adapters are connected to the PS4 console wireless, which is vital in programming settings on your keyboard and mouse. However, it is not every adapter out there that can be used with PS4. The recommended adapters for PS4 include Venom X Adapter and Xim 4 Adapter. These two, and a couple more, will help you play with the keyboard and mouse without any difficulties. You need to know that PS4 games are not designed to be played with the keyboard and mouse; this is more of a modification that may or may not work. 

PS4 Mouse and Keyboard Combinations 

MX Keyboard & Muse combo

Undoubtedly, the PS4 mouse and keyboard combination is a revolutionary invention for gamers. Combining the two comes with convenience and versatility that is unseen with regular controllers. Additionally, the speed and accuracy are greatly improved, especially for games that require tactical battle moves. 

What to Consider When Buying 

There are several combos for PS4 mouse and keyboard from various companies. It is up to the gamer to go for a combo that best suits their needs in terms of the kind of game they play. That means you’ll need to do thorough product research to avoid buying wrongly. Apart from looking for the product on your own, you can also do product benchmarking to choose the best. That includes reviewing customer feedback from individual sites and retailers such as Amazon. It is easy for you to notice a product that is not doing well in terms of customer satisfaction by checking its reviews. People who have little knowledge of such devices end up buying counterfeit products; that’s nothing less than wasting your hard-earned money. 

What to Consider in a Mouse

Build and Quality

Mouse Build and Quality

The quality of any electronic device is the foremost consideration for the buyer. It is relatively easy to tell the quality of the mouse, especially when it comes to gaming. All you need to look for is the physical structure and construction of the mouse. Most mice are relatively cheap compared to other computer components. However, it is the robustness and durability of the mouse that matters. Some mice are sold very expensively, and then they break after a few months. 

Size and Shape

mouse Size and Shape

A PS4 mouse must not be too small and not too bulky. Size and shape have a lot to do with design. So you are looking for a design that will meet your needs as a gamer. You need a design that gives you the perfect grip. Remember all your attention will be directed on the screen, so the mouse you’re using must not make you lose focus. The best thing about mice is that they come in many shapes and sizes. All you need to do is choose one that gives you the perfect handgrip. 


These two aspects of the mouse are fundamental, especially when it comes to PS4 gaming. The sensor is the mouse’s main feature, and you must make sure it is working correctly. When it comes to gaming, a slight interference like the mouse not responding can cost you dearly. Although modern senses are quite useful and rarely fail, you still should make sure it won’t disappoint you later. It is usually found at the bottom of the mouse, and it tracks all your movements when browsing or gaming. You must also consider the sensor’s DPI, especially if you’re playing competitive FPS shooters. 

Keyboard Considerations 

Keyboard Form

60% Keyboard Noise Level

A PS4 keyboard should have the maximum number of keys. There are several keyboard forms in the market, and you can’t use some of them on PS4. A full-size keyboard will give you more options, especially when it comes to games that require great versatility. However, you can still play some games with a 60% or 40% keyboard. It all depends on the nature of the game. 

Keyboard Switches

60% Keyboard Keycaps

Switches play a vital role in a gaming keyboard. Different keyboards have switches with different styles. Unfortunately, people tend to overlook switches in a keyboard because they don’t see them play a significant role. Things are very different when it comes to gaming; for people who don’t know where the switches on the keyboard are, you will find them under each key. Some switches are mechanical, while others are membrane. Mechanical switches are the best for gamers because they give quick tactile response and actuation. However, you can go for a keyboard with membrane switches if you don’t want any noise coming from it. 

Build and Quality

Keyboard Build Quality

Another critical factor when it comes to PS4 keyboards, build and quality are a must check. The overall construction of the keyboard and the materials used will determine if it will cope with intense gaming or not. Gamers are prone to random rage outbursts, and the keyboard is always the first victim. Woe unto you if the keyboard you’re using is not tough enough. 

Testing the Products 

To ensure you’ve only picked the best, you must test the product first. Fortunately, most manufacturers have favorable return policies, which means you can always return a product that does not meet your expectations. Always remember to test the PS4 mouse and keyboard at the shop before heading home with it.


PS4 mouse and keyboard are all about versatility and convenience. You can aim at the object with great speed and precision compared to when using controllers. Unfortunately, many people have never explored this invention because they’re not sure how it works. The hardest part is getting the correct devices and connecting them to your PS4 console properly. The rest is merely applying your skills and knowledge of the keyboard and mouse to play. But things will be a bit tough for you if the devices you’re using are not of the best quality. Luckily, the guide we have provided above will help you enjoy using the keyboard and mouse to play. 

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