What Is RMB On Keyboard? Solved! (2022 Update)

If you have thought that keyboards only serve the purpose of typing, you are actually wrong. For our added comfort and convenience, keyboards have extra shortcut keys that give us quick access and save our time, such as the navigation keys, Numpad keys, windows keys, and media keys.

Similarly, another shortcut key that you may not know about is the RMB key which is super useful when you know of its different applications. Now, you may ask, what is RMB on a keyboard? What does it do, and where is it located?

We are going to tell you all about it, so grab a seat and make sure to read it till the end.

What Is The RMB Key On Your Keyboard?

First of all, let’s know what the full form stands for. The acronym ‘RMB’ basically means ‘Right Mouse Button. This RMB key on the keyboard performs the same wonders as the right-click button of a mouse.

Imagine your mouse has suddenly stopped working, but you really need to finish your work urgently. Or even worse, you lost your mouse and can’t afford a new one at the moment.

So, how do you now fulfill the similar right-click actions of a mouse on your PC or laptop keyboard? Ladies and Gentlemen, allow the RMB key to be your lifesaver for the day!

Where is The RMB Key On Keyboard Located?

We wish there was a fixed and straightforward answer to this, but there isn’t.

The location of the RMB Key varies from model to model and also depends on the type of keyboard – is it one with a touchpad? Or does it have a Trackpoint? Well, what if it’s the kind with a trackball instead?

No worries, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. We will guide you on the precise location of each of the types of keyboards. It’s important to know how to locate the RMB key on your keyboard to get a taste of proper mouse functionality.

The Location Of The RMB Key On Touchpad Keyboards

We believe you do know how the touchpad in a laptop works, right? Yeah, so the laptop touchpad sensors the movement of our fingers and detects the pressure from our finger press. Well, the touchpad on a wired/wireless keyboard functions the exact same way.

If you have a touchpad on your keyboard, you don’t really need to hook up a separate mouse to your desktop or PC since the touchpad itself plays the role of the mouse on your keyboard.

Now, the RMB key on such a keyboard should be at the bottom end of the touchpad, on the right-hand side, appearing like a wide button. However, the RMB key may also exist as a flat clickable surface on the right side of the touchpad without appearing as a separate button.

RMB Key Location On A Trackpoint Keyboard

If you don’t know what a TrackPoint is, let us simplify it for you. Have you ever seen a small reddish dot on the center of a keyboard, particularly above the key cap with the letter ‘B’ imprinted on it?

Yes, this red dot is what we are referring to as the Trackpoint. It’s an alternative to a mouse and offers almost accurate mouse functionality but without one.

Most Lenovo laptop keyboards (especially the ThinkPad wired keyboards) contain the RMB key as a part of the TrackPoint, notably in the rightward direction.

Finding RMB Key On A Keyboard With Trackball

Why do we even attach a trackball to our keyboard in the first place? Just so that we can enjoy the complete functionality of all the mouse buttons available in a mouse.

You might be wondering, why is it called a trackball? The reason is solely connected to its appearance. A trackball has a round shape and rotates like a ball in a socket. The whole thing sort of looks like a wired mouse, just upside down in shape.

Note: All the 3 types of keyboards discussed above not only have an RMB key but LMB and MMB mouse keys too. We will talk about these in more detail moving forward.

Last but not least, were you feeling disappointed after discovering that your keyboard doesn’t have a trackball, neither a Trackpoint nor a touchpad?

Well, don’t feel upset. You can still use the RMB key on your keyboard by pressing and holding the SHIFT key with F10. You’ll find this F10 button present on the top front row of almost all computer/laptop keyboards.

Once you press on Shift+ F10, the right-click menu bar will be displayed on the screen. With this shortcut key, you can also click on a file or internet link in the same way this could have been done using an external mouse.

Do All Keyboards have the RMB Key?

Frankly speaking, we can’t really guarantee whether every keyboard on earth has included or will include the RMB key or not. But yes, all computer and laptop keyboards, be they wired or wireless, do have the SHIFT key and the F10 shortcut key.

Once you combine the two on your keyboard, you can perform similar right-click actions of a right mouse button.

What Are The Benefits Of Having An RMB Key On Your Keyboard?

If you have a small desk to hold your desktop, it’s no wonder that there’s a scarcity of space on the surface. It may be inconvenient and uncomfortable to scroll and move a separate mouse, given how congested things may feel.

In the circumstances like this, the right mouse button on a keyboard will surely be a sigh of relief since it’s quick and convenient.

With an RMB key on a keyboard, you can comfortably work on any multimedia software while relaxing on your couch. Now it’s up to you to decide whether this is an advantage for you.

The best feeling of having a right mouse button on your keyboard is when your mouse suddenly stops working or when you have subconsciously left it in the office but got some urgent work to finish at home.

The RMB on your laptop will also feel like a blessing for peeps who permanently lost or damaged their mouse and have to wait for weeks for the new replacement mouse to be delivered.

Disadvantages Of The Right Mouse Button On Keyboard

Just because the RMB keyboard is super useful and comes in handy, don’t you decide to donate or throw away your external mouse now! Although the RMB key has a good number of advantages, there are also a few downsides that may bother you while using this key. Here’s a list of them:

  • If the touchpad sensor malfunctions, using the RMB key will be a constant pain.
  • Many surveys show that using an external mouse is more productive and more accurate compared to using the RMB key on a keyboard.
  • Some particular online video games may not support the use of the right mouse button on the keyboard.
  • Certain actions may require comparatively more time than they would with an external mouse or may not be accomplished at all with the RMB key.
  • Some high-end software connected to designing and 3D Modelling, such as Fusion 360, may not support using the RMB key on a keyboard.

Functions Of The RMB Key On Your Keyboard

Oh boy, don’t get us started! The list of all the actions you can perform with the RMB key is too long. But still, to mention a few:

  • The most basic thing you can do is open a new tab by clicking the RMB key when in a web browser.
  • You can open up multiple pages with an RMB Keyboard much faster than an external mouse.
  • By pressing on the RMB key when working with a Microsoft Word file or Google Docs file, you’ll get the options to copy, cut, and paste.
  • If you click on a file with the RMB key on a keyboard, you’ll get extra information on the properties of the file.

If you’re a wholehearted gamer who is addicted to playing games on your computer, we have some good news for you.

You can elevate your gaming experience by shifting from an external mouse to the RMB key on your keyboard because it can get so much done in a brief time period. You can use the RMB key when gaming to achieve the following tasks:

  • Attack your competitors with a sword, hammer, etc.
  • Shoot bullets with a gun.
  • You can obtain many treasures, rewards, and quests with a simple tap of the RMB key.
  • You can also click on the chat box and send messages to communicate with other players of the game.
  • You can add new players as friends or remove them from your group or club.
  • The RMB key can also help you explore the different cities and areas of a map in the game.
  • In games like GTA, if you press and hold the right mouse button, your in-game character will start walking.

Introducing RMB Key’s Twin Brothers: LMB And MMB

If there’s a right mouse button, then theoretically, there should be a left one too, isn’t it? Well, you are right. The RMB shortcut key is accompanied by two more buttons – the ‘LMB’ key, which stands for the left mouse button, and ‘MMB,’ which is also known as the middle mouse button. The MMB key plays the same role as the mouse wheel button, which is used for scrolling.

All these three keys are really helpful because, without them, you would have to take help from the Numpad when you don’t have a mouse either. So, by pressing a 5 on the numeric keypad and then a minus sign and again pressing on the number 5, you can actually operate the mouse keys like RMB and LMB.

But this is too tiring. Who has so much spare time for these extra efforts anyway? Instead, with the RMB, LMB, and MMB keys on the keyboard, we can get our desired work done with a single key press every time.

Although the LMB key and RMB key are equally important to help save time, you may not find the middle mouse button similarly helpful. This is why all the keyboards that include the RMB key and LMB key may not contain the MMB key for a middle click.

In such a circumstance, how do you middle-click without the MMB key on your keyboard? Simply press and hold the right mouse button and left mouse button on your keyboard simultaneously at the same time with two different fingers. This will create a middle click.

RMB Key Vs. Menu Key – Are They The Same Or Different?

Many people confuse the right mouse button key with the menu key, thinking they are the same. But honestly, that’s not quite right.

The RMB key can be used anytime without needing any software. You can more conveniently perform the right-click actions of a mouse with an RMB key, whereas you may not get to enjoy all those functions with the menu key. On top of that, not all software is likely to support the menu key.

Some Questions You May Have

What is Alt RMB?

This hotkey is a quicker way of changing or modifying something you have currently selected (can be a file, image, etc.)

How do I use RMB on Mac?

If you want to select something, you can simply press Ctrl Key and hold it for a few seconds to replicate the right-click action of a PC. You’ll find this Control Key towards the bottom of your keyboard, most probably on the left-hand side.

How do I right-click on the Windows touchpad?

Simply tap on the lower bottom of your touchpad on the right-hand side with a finger. If your touchpad is not working properly, you can also press the Shift key + F10.

Final Words

We hope we can clear the fog on what is the RMB key on the keyboard and how it functions. Many people are not aware of this super useful key on their keyboard and hence, can’t make use of such a great tool that saves time and sweat.

No matter if you are working on your PC, laptop, MacBook, or desktop, as long as you have a wired or wireless keyboard, you can use the RMB key whenever you like.