Height Adjustable Desk With Keyboard Tray (Best 5 Picks For 2020)

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Choosing a new desk for your office or home could be tricky, especially if you plan to do it over the Internet. Practically, you know you want something comfortable with a top-notch organization, but at the same time, you want a bit of adjustability too. If you cannot take a seat and figure out how tall the desk is, looking at measurements might be a bit confusing – hence the necessity of height adjustability.

Other than that, while you can place a keyboard straight on the desk, it is more comfortable and convenient to have a keyboard tray instead. All in all, it sounds like a dream come true. Choosing the best height adjustable desk with keyboard tray could be challenging, but the good news is deeper research will give you some good options that will not let you down.

Our Picks For The Best Height Adjustable Desk With Keyboard Tray

Here are some of the best-rated options when searching for a computer desk with adjustable height.

1. Victor DCX760G

This standing desk comes in two different sizes – 31 and 36 inches. The larger version is a better seller though. It also comes in two different colors – white or gray. There are no differences in materials and quality standards.

The desk allows converting a simple sitting desk into a standing one. It is placed on top of something hard, be it a table or a cabinet. Installation is fairly simple – no need to use bolts, screws or clamps. Instead, it goes on top of other furniture.

Adjustments are fairly simple. You have a gas spring system, meaning you can adjust the height to ensure a safe and comfortable position. Use the grip lever handle for easy adjustments. There are 12 different height levels.

The unit is pretty wide and comes with two different tops. Basically, you have the top for your monitor, speakers and other things, but you also have a keyboard tray. A grommet hole at the end allows more flexibility when it comes to your monitor.

In terms of quality, you have a durable wooden surface covered in scratch-resistant laminate. It does not just look good, but it also prevents wear and tear.

What are the pros?

  • Good looking design
  • More sizes and colors available
  • Large and deep keyboard and mouse tray
  • 12 different height levels
  • Easy to install

What are the cons?

  • Requires attention when adjusting the height to ensure you do not catch on any cables or wires

2. Fitueyes SD309102WE

The PC desk with a keyboard tray features a wide working area and only comes in one size. The top area measures 36×24.2 inches, so it is pretty wide. It can take a couple of monitors, laptops, small printers and a few other extras.

The unit comes with a keyboard tray, which is smaller, but similar in size. There is plenty of room for both your mouse and keyboard – perhaps a cup of coffee too. As for the actual style, you have three options – black, white and brown.

In terms of height, the desk operates like a standing unit, meaning it goes on a piece of furniture, such as a table or a cabinet. It can go down to 4.3 inches, but it will also go up to 19.8 inches – ideal for a standing position.

Adjustability is a piece of cake. The dual gas spring force allows effortless adjustments. You have more levels for the height. Ideally, you should adjust the unit without anything on it, only to avoid the risk of dropping valuable electronics.

Finally, it is worth noting that the adjustable desk can take up to 33 pounds in weight – plenty for a few monitors and other small things.

What are the pros?

  • Easy adjustments
  • Good looking styles
  • Loads of space
  • Good weight capacity
  • Suitable for both sitting and standing positions

What are the cons?

  • Very slight wobble when typing

3. MONOMI Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Monomi has designed a height adjustable desk with keyboard tray that works as both a sitting desk and a standing desk due to the high degree of adjustability. It has a simple and sturdy design that will pleasantly surprise you.

You have easy adjustability and four preset buttons to work on the height. The operation is electric. Simply press the button to get the desired height – anywhere between 27.36 and 47.3 inches. Memory the desired positions by pressing the button for three seconds.

The adjustment is not noisy at all – less than 50dB, so it will not bother others in the room or office. In terms of available space, the top is pretty spacious – 48×24 inches. It is ergonomic and allows room for numerous setups.

The keyboard goes under the desk. The tray measures 21.65×10.24 inches and 1.57 inches in thickness. It frees some space and ensures a comfortable working area. The tray can be removed – it is a matter of personal preferences.

As for the style and design, you have a heavy-duty steel frame that can take up to 188 pounds in weight – it can take every electronic in your office. The top is based on oak for the durability.

What are the pros?

  • High-quality materials
  • Sliding tray for the keyboard
  • The tray can be removed
  • High weight capacity
  • Easy to adjust and memorize heights

What are the cons?

  • Heavier than other similar desks in this range

4. Seville Classics airLIFT

This beautiful and sturdy desk provides access to a few different options. You can get it in black, walnut or white. It comes with a few different sizes and shapes, with the 36 inch rectangular option being the most popular one. You can also buy it in a package that includes a floor pad.

The top measures 35.43×35.8 inches. Adjustability is more varied though. The lowest setting makes it 6.2 inches in height. The tallest one goes up to 19.1 inches – more suitable for those who work in a standing position.

Adjusting the height is a matter of seconds. The desk comes with airlift levers – play with them and adjust it accordingly. It is a pneumatic system. In terms of weight, it can take up to 30 pounds – suitable for a couple of monitors, a keyboard, a mouse and a few other extras.

The bottom part of this height adjustable PC desk with shelves features a wide tray for the keyboard and mouse. This shelf slides in and out for your convenience, so it will not be in your way if you do not need it. The tray features the same construction and design as the top.

Last, but not least, the unit is engineered with the ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 standard in mind – safe and secure.

What are the pros?

  • More sizes and styles
  • Good weight capacity
  • Easy to adjust
  • Wide top surface
  • Sliding keyboard tray

What are the cons?

  • More difficult to adjust when full

5. Vivo desk

Vivo’s height adjustable desk with keyboard tray is classic in style and can match any kind of classic or modern furniture. It is available in more colors – including black and white, as well as a few different sizes – with the 36 inch variety being the most popular one.

The top measures 36×22 inches. It is more than enough for one or two monitors, as well as other small electronics you might use. It comes with a keyboard tray – connected to the top, meaning it rises and goes down with it. The keyboard tray measures 25×10.5 inches, meaning you can also keep your mouse there.

The dual gas spring force ensures easy height adjustability. At the lowest setting, the desk will only be 6.5 inches in height. At the highest one, it will go up to 17 inches. It is excellent if you have to work in both sitting and standing positions.

The desk must be assembled, but you can do it yourself. There is no need to hire a professional for it. It comes pre assembled and requires attaching the keyboard tray and feet – just a matter of minutes.

Finally, you should know the desk can take up to 33 pounds in weight. It might be able to hold more, but this is the recommended weight to be able to lift safely and maintain the height.

What are the pros?

  • Good adjustable range
  • Easy to put together
  • Available in a few sizes
  • Spacious top
  • Good weight capacity

What are the cons?

  • Must be put together

What To Look For In The Best Height Adjustable Desk With Keyboard Tray

Knowing what to look for when hunting for a height adjustable desk with keyboard tray will lead you in the right direction. Here are some of the most important considerations in the process.


Size is quite important. Even if you get adjustability, make sure you get enough size to cover your needs – such as space on the top for one or two monitors, a few shelves for storage, a cabinet for files and so on. The size of the top desk is the most important aspect in the process. You do not want an overcrowded desk and the inability to find anything.


Now, how about the shape? Desks may seem pretty straightforward, but there are a few different choices in terms of shapes. You could get a classic rectangular unit, but you can also pick a corner desk. It is usually L shaped. The shape also depends on your available space, as well as the location of the desk in your room or office – if you opt for a corner desk, it should be L shaped for extra space.


The material is just as important. Consider the material of the actual desk, as well as the frame materials – usually metallic. Materials often make the difference in terms of durability. Some materials are waterproof, while others may come with scratch resistance.


Most desks require assembly. Would you be able to do it yourself? They often come with manuals for instructions as well – sometimes, the tools needed for the operation too. The process is usually straightforward. Some other desks may come pre-assembled – more expensive, but ready to use straight away.

FAQ On Height Adjustable Desk With Keyboard Tray

Still having some issues? Here are some of the most popular concerns among new buyers.

What is an ergonomically correct height for a desk?

There are more factors to take in consideration. If you are very tall, you will need more height. Generally speaking, most people between 5’8” and 5’10” in height will do with the standard height in desks – usually 28 to 30 inches. A bit of adjustability will help if you are shorter or taller than average. Even if you are in this range, what works for some people will not work for everyone else, hence the necessity of small adjustments.

What happens if the desk is too high or too low?

It is pretty obvious discomfort will inevitably kick in. You will adapt your position to an unhealthy one as well. If your desk is too high, you are likely to face hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder issues. On the other hand, if it is too low, your shoulders and back may end up with problems, as you will need to lean forward to use the keyboard.

Should my arms rest on the desk while typing?

No. Arms should hang freely when you type. At the same time, while armrests on a chair may seem like a comfortable idea, the same rule applies there – keep your arms free when you type.

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In conclusion, choosing a height-adjustable desk with keyboard tray may look challenging. You might imagine you need some improvements, such as buying things separately – for instance, a mountable tray. This is not always the case, as you do have a few good options out there. Make sure you assess your personal needs and make a decision with your necessities in mind.

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