Best 5 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards

The best low-profile mechanical keyboard is affordable, portable, and whose switches have a short travel distance. However, choosing the best low-profile mechanical keyboard can be an uphill task, especially if you’re not tech-savvy. Most of these keyboards are new arrivals, and many gamers and other computer users know little or nothing about them. Every other user wants to have a low-profile mechanical keyboard because it is stylish, versatile, and incredibly convenient. 

Getting any low-profile mechanical keyboard is the easy part; the hard part is finding a unique and quality product. It is not possible to find the latter without proper background research of all available options. People make the mistake of rushing to buy a product, only to get disappointed when it breaks down as soon as you buy it. Luckily for you, we have prepared a guide to see you land the coolest and quality product in the market.

My Top Picks for Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards

#1. Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard 

Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT is arguably the thinnest, lightweight, low-profile keyboard you can find. The keyboard is designed for gaming and comes with 87 keyboard keys. It has a compact design and weighs only 520g; way lighter and thinner than traditional mechanical keyboards. However, its most striking feature is the keyboard’s latest and unique Kailh Blue Switches. These low-profile switches are 11.5mm high and have a 6mm ultra-thin suspended keycap. The switches have a short travel distance of only 3mm, making them ideal for gaming. 

In addition to its unique Ice Blue LED Light, this keyboard also comes with multiple backlight modes, all for excellent illumination of the keys. Another unique feature of the HAVIT mechanical keyboard is that it is driver-free. Very few mechanical keyboards have this feature, which gives you a reason to make HAVIT your first option. 

What are the Pros? 

  • Detachable USB
  • All keys are N-key rollover
  • Extra thin
  • Has pre-setting mode capabilities

What are the Cons?  

  • Keys only customized with Windows

#2. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

If you prefer mute-typing, this is the best low-profile mechanical keyboard for you. Corsair K70 has been designed to minimize noise when typing. Most people, including gamers, prefer to do their thing quietly and calmly. With 104 keyboard keys, this particular keyboard is slim and perfectly fits modern desktops. Additionally, the keyboard comes with Cherry MX Low Profile RGB Red mechanical key switches. These unique switches provide a smooth and linear movement with an incredible 1.2mm actuation. It is also relatively slim and light, so you can carry it around if you wish. 

The product is made from an aircraft-grade aluminum frame that is highly durable. If you’re after aesthetics, Corsair K70 RGB is your perfect product since it comes with multiple color backlighting that makes it appealing to the eye. Most importantly, the keyboard software is quite powerful to enable RGB lighting control and sophisticated macro programming. 

What are the Pros?

  • Linear switch movement
  • Quiet
  • Has many keys
  • Tough aluminum frame material

What are the Cons? 

  • Relatively bulky

#3. DREVO BladeMaster TE All Rounder RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

DREVO BladeMaster is an award-winning low-profile mechanical keyboard with a total of 87 keys. The most funded project in Kickstarter is a clear indication that this keyboard has a lot in store for you. First, the DREVO BladeMaster color system is on another level. It has 16.8 million color options and enables you to customize each key’s light and side light band. Additionally, you can sync the backlight with DPC software to meet your unique needs. 

The keyboard has a powerful cortex processor that enhances onboard memory and allows you to react faster. This feature is incredibly cool for gamers as it gives you great agility over your opponents. With the keyboard’s powerful software, one can program their device’s key and Genius-knob with macro. DREVO BladeMaster is built with aircraft-grade ionized aluminum to last longer. Apart from superior durability, this revolutionary keyboard has a compact tenkeyless layout design that is both professional and stylish. 

What are the Pros?

  • Equipped with Radi RGB
  • Has floating lasermark ABS keycaps
  • Linear switch movement
  • Silent typing
  • Powerful 1ms polling rate processor

What are the Cons?

  • Genius-knob not very graspable 

#4. SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

The best thing about SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is that it has adjustable actuation switches. These switches allow the gamer to adjust actuation distance to improve speed and accuracy. We are talking about a distance adjustment of 0.4mm to 3.6mm. The keyboard also comes with an OLED smart display, an integrated command center that allows the user to adjust settings and track movements. Additionally, the product comes with excellent RGB illumination, which can be customized into 1.6 million colors.

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is made with an aircraft-grade aluminum frame to guarantee you many years of service. The keyboard’s rigid body is suitable for gaming where unpredicted emotional outbursts can make players smash objects, including the keyboard. Additionally, the keyboard comes with a premium magnetic wrist rest for support and comfort. You will notice the difference when you grip this keyboard as it gives you full-palm support. 

What are the Pros?

  • Adjustable actuation
  • Highly versatile 
  • Comfortable to use 
  • Pretty fast
  • Floating keycaps

What are the Cons?

  • Not waterproof
  • A bit expensive

#5. Tecware Phantom 87 Mechanical Keyboard 

Another revolutionary low-profile mechanical keyboard, Tecware Phantom, boasts 18 pre-set configurations. However, you can always customize to create a unique one that matches your setup. Enjoy a fulfilling gaming experience with Tecware’s Outemu mechanical switches for precision and comfort. The keyboard is available with its tools for easy removal and replacement of switches and keycaps. Additionally, the user is provided with extra switches in case they want to replace the old ones.  

Unlike most keyboards we have already discussed, Tecware Phantom is built from SMD LEDs and FR-4 fiberglass printed circuit board. This combination of materials makes the keyboard able to withstand hours of hardcore gaming. Additionally, the product is equipped with double-shot keycaps, which are designed to last long. Tecware Phantom gives gamers a fast and smooth gaming experience due to its N-key rollover properties. Furthermore, this low-profile mechanical keyboard has up to a 1000Hz polling rate. Ultimately, Tecware Phantom is one of the best low-profile mechanical keyboards a gamer can have. 

What are the Pros?

  • It comes with spare switches
  • High resistance to surface wear
  • Provides sufficient grip
  • Quiet
  • Highly responsive 

What are the Pros?

  • Has a boot time

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT Typing Exprience

Low-profile mechanical keyboards are a bit more sensitive compared to traditional ones. The reason is that they are quite sophisticated and a lot of things can go wrong if you don’t buy the best quality. However, getting the best low-profile mechanical keyboard is very tricky if you have insufficient knowledge of computers. Additionally, even the most tech-savvy people still fall victim to counterfeit devices. That is why you need a complete guide and tips before you hit the market. These are some of the most important things to consider before buying a low-profile mechanical keyboard. 

Build and Material 

SteelSeries Apex Pro Design

Assuming you are getting this kind of keyboard for gaming or programming, you must consider the keyboard’s material. One strange thing about low-profile mechanical keyboards is that they are a little bit expensive. Unless you want it to break down a month after purchasing, you have to consider the material and overall construction. Most of the keyboards we have highlighted are made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which is tough enough to survive when it falls from a high surface. Additionally, the material must protect the keyboard’s interior components from liquid spills, dirt, and dust, even without a keyboard cover. 


It is essential that the keyboard you go for will serve your needs, whether you intend to use it for gaming or any other computer work. Different low-profile mechanical keyboards have a different number of keys, depending on the brand. Gamers prefer keyboards with many keys because they give them many alternatives. The positioning of the keys is also important because you can only feel comfortable when the keys are arranged like you’re used to. The gaming keyboard should give you enough space for both hands, as well as a good grip. 


Drevo BladeMaster TE Switches

Another vital component of a mechanical keyboard, switches determine speed and accuracy, more so when it comes to gaming. The perfect keyboard switches should have a short travel speed, are clicky, tactile, and linear. Moreover, switches are all about comfort in terms of grip and stability. Anything less than that is low-quality and is not worth your money. Spend as much time as possible choosing a low-profile mechanical keyboard with the best switches because they matter a lot, especially if you want it for gaming. 

Acceptable Level of Noise

Unnecessary noise is disruptive and irritating. It is even worse if the noise comes from your keyboard every time you lay a finger on it. Sound from a low-profile mechanical keyboard is one of the crucial considerations to consider before buying one. However, some people do enjoy using clicky keyboards, so the manufacturers try to satisfy both sides. Find yourself a mechanical keyboard with an acceptable level of noise to avoid getting stressed by the same. 


mechanical keyboard vs membrane keyboard - which one is better?

If you are working in a dark space, illumination of the keyboard keys is essential. Most low-profile mechanical keyboards use RGB and LED lighting for illumination. The two lighting techniques are trendy among gamers because they like working in a colorful atmosphere. Additionally, the lighting can be customized to give the user more than a million colors. All you need to do is customize your keyboard into more appealing colors. But if you don’t need anything glowing in front of your eyes, you can always go for a keyboard with little or no illumination. The only problem is if you’re working in dim light and you can’t see the keys correctly.


Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile RGB

The color of the keyboard is an important consideration too. While many people prefer black keyboards, others such as gamers prefer more colorful ones. Whichever color you choose is a matter of personal preference. However, be aware of white or other bright colors if you’re working in a not-so-clean environment. Imagine your white keyboard getting some ugly stains from coffee spills? 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards FAQ

These are some frequently asked questions about low-profile mechanical keyboards.

Q. What is the difference between blue, brown, and red switches on a mechanical keyboard?

A. Blue and Brown switches have a tactile bump. The difference between the two is that blue switches are clicky while brown ones are not. Red switches, on the other hand, have no tactile bump and are not clicky. 

Q. Do custom keycaps fit on all mechanical keyboards?

A. The keycaps will only fit mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX switches. You can quickly know these switches from the cross symbol. However, you have to check the size of special keys such as the spacebar before fitting custom keycaps. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Low FAq

Q. Is there a PrintScreen button on low-profile mechanical keyboards?

A. Most of them has, except the Steelseries. For the Steelseries mechanical keyboard, you can press the Steelseries button + another key to take a screenshot. 

Q. Do These Keyboards Produce an Echo When Bottoming Out the Keys?

A. Most mechanical keyboards do not have many metallic components, so there is no ringing sound when using them. The only sound you should hear is the clicking of the keycaps. However, you can get that irritating sound from traditional mechanical keyboards, and it’s awful. 


In summary, the best low-profile mechanical keyboard is all you need for a thrilling gaming experience. However, its excellent gaming features and comfort come at a small price. You have to invest a lot of time and probably resources to find a product that will give you service. There are many low-quality products out there that will only disappoint you. Luckily, the tips we have shared in this article will help you get a quality product that will last long. The type of low-profile mechanical keyboard you buy is a matter of preference. That means you need to sit down and consider all your needs as far as this keyboard is concerned before making a purchase.  

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