Adding White Desk Accessories To Your Setup (+ Useful Design Tricks)

Your workplace can tell people a lot about yourself. At the same time, your workplace also affects your mood and productivity. It makes no difference if you try to set up a new office at work or you have already come up with your own setup at home. Whether you write for your blog or you actually work, a productive environment will make you feel happy about your work.

Stylish white desk accessories are not suitable for a good appearance only. They are not just beautiful and good looking on your desk. Instead, some of them are also multipurpose gadgets that can help you increase productivity and enjoy a more comfortable experience. You will organize your environment in a more efficient manner. Now, what kind of accessories should you go for?

White desk accessories for a minimalist approach

So, you are the minimalist type. Ideally, your desk should only contain a sleek monitor – nothing else. Your keyboard and mouse should hide in a tray. You know that is not possible because your work involves other aspects too. Luckily, you can still maintain a minimalist desk, even if your desk may seem crowded at first.

No one enjoys cluttering gadgets, so the primary goal is to focus on essentials. You need to identify the things that you really cannot do without – those things that you use quite often. What is it that you cannot get rid of? A planner or a notepad could be more than enough to keep all the numbers, emails, tasks, reminders, and notes in one place.

You can opt for a classic notebook or an electronic one, which provides a bit more versatility. If you do not feel like typing too much, get one with a pen, so you can scribble on it. This gadget will be appreciated by those with great work organization. If you do not belong in this group, a bit of organization will be even more exciting.

Other essential accessories for your desk should include a pen – perhaps a fancy fountain pen. You may also use sticky notes for reminders. Choose a pad for reminders if you tend to go crazy with sticky notes. All in all, while the desk is white, make sure you opt for a full white and gray theme or contrasting bright colors.

Accessories to enhance a modern desk

A modern desk goes in a different direction. In other words, it could be sleek and minimalist, but it may also approach a fuller design – white works well as a background for many colorful accessories. When it comes to modern white desk accessories, it pays off investing in stuff that will simplify your work. You need safe storage and you need to protect papers and documents against damage.

At this point, some of the most common things you will need include accessories to laminate and bind documents, folders with numerous pockets, labels, writing implements, and business cardholders. Since you are after something modern, opt for a few gadgets to enhance the appearance of your desk too. Again, you need to play with colors – go for a relatively white theme or contrasting elements.

Coming up with the perfect design could take time – it is important to test with different accessories, find new ways to sort your documents, and so on. Different gadgets and tools may work differently. The situation could be a bit easier if you set your office at home, as you have more options to play with – considering all the extra space.

Stylish white desk accessories to keep trendy

Stylish accessories will most likely underline your personality and keep you in trends. They have more functions. Apart from the actual product, they will also allow you to stand out in your office. Your workplace is about your personality, but you also need to find stuff that will actually make your life easier as you work.

If you want style, you can ditch the generally white theme. Sure, you have a white desk, but you can enhance it with colorful accessories. Style is also about showing off – you want top brands around your desk. Get a notebook with a designer cover. Sticky notes should be colorful for contrast but also choose some unusual shapes. Got a mouse pad? Opt for an appealing pattern.

Styling a white desk with a few basic accessories

White desk accessories vary widely and they usually depend on what type of design you are trying to achieve. Before moving on to unique things that will make the difference, it is important to focus on the accessories that will really help with work and productivity. These are the things that pretty much any desk setup will require at some point or another.

While mandatory for good work ethics, such accessories do not necessarily need to be boring or out of context. You have a white desk – it does not mean that any bin will do. You need to come up with a beautiful theme, but also a style that will keep unnecessary distractions away. All these things should spark your creativity.

To help you understand the basics, a beautiful and abstract print could be inspirational when going through your daily task. But on the other hand, a bunch of receipts on a classic clip will look a bit messy. While you may not feel it, it could stress you out. If you require visual reminders on the nearby wall, get a pinboard – you can keep things organized and remove the board when you finish work.

A bit of nature works wonders with all types of desks. If you have a white one and you want to approach a minimalist design, nature will represent that colorful spot that makes the difference. A potted plant or a small vase will not just make the environment happy, but it will also remind you of the world outside – it is great for your mood.

Think about illumination

Every office will require it. Every desk needs a bit of lighting. Even if you mostly work on your computer and you can type without looking at the keyboard, lighting is still important for other associated tasks – writing something down, finding paperwork or perhaps having a snack without spreading crumbs all over the place.

At this point, layered lighting is one of the most attractive features for a white desk. The ceiling lights are excellent, but you want a bit of shading too – it works great with a white desk. Bring in a floor lamp or a fancy and minimalistic table lamp. You will come up with a basic, yet versatile lighting solution that will impress anyone around you.

Decorative items matter

In terms of decorative items for productivity, your options are countless. Whether you want something to store pens or pencils, your creativity should go wild. Do not go for the classic pencil pot. Instead, get a glass or perhaps a coffee mug. As long as it looks different, it will complement your white desk like nothing else.

Think about the bin too

What are you going to do with the rubbish? You need something for all the ideas that are no longer useful. If you mostly deal with paper waste, a wire bin is ideal – it looks modern but classic. However, the same option is pretty bad if you handle other things too, such as food remains. Get a bin with a bin if you enjoy snacking while working.

A matter of both style and functionality

Grabbing a white desk is not all about the color. You know you want white, but make sure you plan everything upfront. The actual desk itself could become a focal element of the room, as well as an important accessory, so plan for it too. It pays off finding a classic, modern and clean solution that will work in almost every interior style.

You can never go wrong with a white piece. It is the foundation of your workplace and it provides some flexibility when it comes to changing the theme. Simplicity involves nothing but four legs and a desktop. Opt for a wide drawer under the top – get something for the whole size of the top. It is excellent to store all kinds of things, rather than keeping clutter on the desk.

Based on your needs and available space, you might as well consider two smaller desks side by side. This type of design is great for extra office work, especially if you and your partner both work from home. This way, everyone has their own personalized workspace. Each desk could get its own unique design and accessories – two different areas, yet part of the same setup.

Seating & color schemes

While not really part of the desk, there are other considerations you have to think about if you want this setup to work – from a stylish point of view. Your chair is just as important – it does not need to be a classic chair with caster wheels. Instead, you can find comfy and practical designs with a vintage or chic design. A couple of cushions can also help for texture and color – not to mention comfort.

A splash of color is mandatory. Most people are afraid of experimenting with large walls, for example. They want to be able to reverse it should they disapprove of the final result. This way, a few white desk accessories will represent the best choice. Just make sure the same color is used on multiple accessories – such as soft furnishings, artwork, or small details. You want the setup to be cohesive.


In terms of storage, your options are quite diversified. If the drawer in your desk is not big enough for lots of files, you can throw in a metal locker with shelves on the inside. You can also come up with fancy storage boxes that will complement the setup, but also provide lots of functionality for all kinds of small things.

For instance, you could install a nearby bookshelf and mix all kinds of elements. Some of them could be stationery. Others could be decorative. Some desks also come with built-in shelves – follow the same rule. A few decorative elements will make the setup appear less corporate. This strategy is great if you have to work at home and the office is part of a different room.

Basically, you can have a shelf for stationery items, another one for decorative stuff, another one for pictures, and so on. Your room will get a more natural look, while the setup will make you feel like in a workplace once you sit down. Even if you are at work, such a setup provides a more personal appearance.

Clutter should never be an issue either. Opt for decorative boxes to store ugly stuff, such as papers, tapes, clips, printer cartridges and so on. It makes no difference how small these things are. The same rule applies to your boxes. The rule is simple – everything must have its own place. You may find it funny, but a bathroom or kitchen organizers work well for small things too.

White desk accessories to consider for your setup

Now that you know the basic rules to enhance a white desk, here are some incredibly useful white desk accessories to try out. Some of them are designed for practical purposes. Some others are mostly aimed at design and style. Of course, a bit of creativity can help you mix both options in a very efficient way.

A cinema lightbox is not really about productivity, but about style. Such things make excellent accessories to enhance your space and motivate you. You can come up with your own text and benefit from a bit of light. It could be a few motivational words, but you can also write a time reminder for an important meeting. It might as well be your goal for the day – just go for it.

How about a Neon Light?

Neon light can be just as attractive. It is both functional and appealing. You need an enticing color scheme for a productive approach. It does not mean that your lighting fixtures have to be boring though. Simply opt for a funky shape – it might as well be a different color. Get a flamingo, for example, and add a bit of color with pink or purple hues.

Sort it out with an organizer

Sick and tired of asking where anything is? Sort it out with an organizer. It could be visible on the desk – if things are all in the same place, the environment will look good and organized. If you have multiple drawers to keep stuff away, the organizer is irrelevant. All in all, the organizer will keep everything right and tight – make sure it is suitable for the things you need. Opt for a white design.

Add a splash of color

Now, if you are after a splash of color, a little succulent can make the difference. Get a tiny pot – ideally, from recycled materials. The succulent itself will add greenery to the desk, so the pot should match the desk instead – get a white design. You do not need anything massive, but something the size of your coffee mug.

Or…a vertical charger?

Sick and tired of wires and USB connections everywhere around the desk? You have to charge a couple of phones all the time, perhaps a tablet and an electronic cigarette too. There are wires everywhere and stuff is randomly scattered all over the desk. A vertical charger is ideal then – you have support, you charge and you can see notifications as they pop up. Given its size, it could be different than white.

Funky Mouse Pad

Looking for style, personality, and durability? Get rid of the classic plastic mouse pad, even if it has a funky design. Opt for a leather pad instead. It adds style, luxury, and personality to your desk. It is qualitative, more durable, and can become the focal element on the desk. Opt for a huge design and get a different color – such as dark brown or black, depending on the theme of your setup.

Upgrade the mouse.

The mouse and keyboard should match each other. Opt for light gray, given the fact that they will always be in contrast on the white desk. If you want your setup to look modern and futuristic, invest in a high-quality ergonomic mouse. Such things are vertical and come with more than just a couple of buttons – they are versatile and can also keep your wrist in good condition.


As a short final conclusion, there are plenty of white desk accessories you can invest in. A white desk underlines simplicity and it might be worth sticking to this style – opt for something chic and modern. Some accessories can be white or light gray, while others can bring in a splash of color – it depends on the size. Without a bit of color, your desk will look dull and boring.

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