Ultimate Guide To Firestick Screensaver (Nail It In Less Than 1 Minute)

Ultimate Guide To Firestick Screensaver

Nothing is as cool as having your custom Firestick screensaver. Many people pretty much love TV and will spend hours in front of it. While most Amazon Fire TVs have 5, 10, or 15 screensaver timers, there is no option to change the sleep timer. Manufacturers usually put random images as screensavers, but not everyone is impressed by those images so they prefer putting their own custom screensavers. Luckily for you, we have a guide that will see you nail it in less than one minute. It is important to note that the sleep timer begins counting instantly once your firestick goes idle. Sometimes we wrongly assume that the counting begins when the screensaver starts. For instance, if you set a 10-minute screensaver timer will result in the device going to sleep ten minutes after the screensaver starts. 

Steps to Set Up Firestick Screensaver in Seconds

  1. Use ADB to connect to your Firestick
  2. Click Display and Sounds on your Firestick settings
  3. Select screensaver
  4. Click Current Screensaver and put a screensaver of your choice

To personalize your screensaver to avoid Amazon displaying random photos for you, here is how to go about it.

Open Settings 

Firestick TV settings

Go to your firestick menu and select the ‘Settings’ option. The settings option is found at the bottom so you need to scroll down until you get it. Once you click on it, the Settings menu will appear on the screen. 

Click Display and Sounds 

Fire TV Stick Display and Sounds

You will find the Display and Sounds option on the Firestick’s remote menu. Clicking that button will make the menu appear on the screen. That particular menu has a ‘screensaver’ option; click on it.

Open Screensaver

Fire Tv Screensaver Option

By clicking on the screensaver option using the remote trackpad, you get the Settings and Preference menu. It should help you choose a screensaver that you like.  

Choose Album 

Fire Tv Screensaver Album

The next step will be choosing an album to pick your preferred screensaver. Simply hit the Album button to choose from the images stored in your firestick. 

Screensaver Album inside

Customize Screensaver 

If you don’t find an image that impresses you among the ones provided by your TV, you can always customize screensaver settings. Luckily, an option is provided where you have access to a wide range of customized styles. For example, you will get Slide Style, Slide Speed, Shuffle, and more. All these options can be accessed with your trackpad in real-time. Select your preferred style and apply it, then wait for your preference to be stored in the system. The changes might get lost if you exit quickly. 

Additionally, you can personalize your screensaver using your mobile app through the following procedure:

Amazon Photo app on Fire TV
  • Select firestick 
  • Select your existing collection of photos to use as a screensaver by enabling Daily Memories. Alternatively, select Add more collections for more photos
Amazon Photo gallery

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Do I need a screensaver for my firestick?

The simple answer is yes. A firestick screensaver does more than just making your device look attractive. Initially, the purpose of the screensaver was to prevent phosphor burn-in. However, the use of screensavers has reduced considerably since the invention of modern devices with multiple protective layers. Although computers automatically turn off the display when idle, the same can’t be said with firesticks. You need a screensaver if you use your firestick for long hours. In addition to saving you some money in electricity bills, a screensaver also prevents your device from overheating. Lastly, most people go for firestick screensavers because they are pretty and trendy. However, this is quite ironic because they come when the device is idle and no one is looking. 


For whatever reason, it is quite possible to get yourself a customized firestick screensaver and apply it in one minute. The best thing about this kind of screensaver is that it does not require the knowledge of rocket science to use it. You don’t even require the help of a friend to do it for you. All you need to do is follow this guide to have your ultimate firestick screensaver

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