5 Best Swivel Keyboard Trays (How Difficult It Is To Pick A Good One?)

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A keyboard tray may not necessarily be the main feature to look for in a computer desk or a gaming session. Even if you do have a sliding tray, those sliders will not last forever, while fixing them could be a challenge. Instead, getting your own swivel keyboard tray to attach to your desk could be a more appropriate solution. Not only it is suitable for all desks, but it also allows some portability.

Choosing the right tray for your desk may seem easy – how difficult could it be to pick a good swivelling mechanism and a solid tray to support your keyboard? The truth is there are both quality trays and low-end trays that will break down as soon as you press the keys a bit harder. All in all, here is everything you need to know before making a final decision.

Our Top Picks for Swivel Keyboard Trays

Here are the best rated trays to consider for your desk.

1. Cartmay Keyboard Tray

Cartmay’s swivel keyboard tray under desk comes with great value for money. Not only do you have enough space for a large keyboard, but you also have some extra for the mouse pad. The size is excellent for small desks that barely allow enough room for the monitor.

The tray comes with an adjusting height of just under six inches. It can be higher than the desk – less than an inch – or way under it – over five inches. The inclination range of the tray is 15 degrees – you can adjust it yourself for convenience.

The tray measures 26.7×11.4 inches, while the track is 18.1 inches in length. Make sure it can match your desk, so double-check the sizing. It is based on HPL and can easily resist the pressure from your arms – even when you are just resting them.

In terms of extras, get ready to be surprised. Cartmay has thought about everything – the unit features gel wrist rests for both the keyboard and the mouse pad. You can choose a comfortable position without worrying about your wrists.

Last, but not least, it is worth mentioning that the tray is super easy to install. It features a cross beam design, meaning it can overcome unevenness issues under the desk. It makes a good DIY project – no need to call an expert.

What are the pros?

  • Comes with gel-infused support for wrists
  • Lots of adjustabilities
  • Easy to install and use
  • Can take good pressure
  • Made of durable HPL

What are the cons?

  • Manual of instructions could be a bit confusing

2. 3M AKT60LE 

3M does not fool around when it comes to quality. The reputable manufacturer’s swivel keyboard tray is sturdy, well put together and likely to take a good beating. It measures 26×17.25 inches, meaning it is large enough to take a big keyboard, as well as a mouse pad.

Adjustability will never be an issue either. You can turn a knob to adjust the height, which can be changed over 5.75 inches. You also have a tilting mechanism that gives you a 30-degree range – ideal for a comfortable result.

The sturdy design is not all about durability. In fact, it is just as handy if you are after a comfortable use. If you know how daunting it is to have your keyboard bounce while typing or using the mouse, such issues become history.

The keyboard tray provides a bit of flexibility. There are no specific locations for the keyboard and mouse pad. You can install the mouse pad on the left side if you are left-handed and vice versa. Just pick whatever feels better for you.

The bottom part of the tray comes with a slightly raised area. It covers the whole length of the tray. It is practically a gel-infused rest. While you could buy keyboards or mousepads with a rest for your wrists, this tray has it all.

In terms of flexibility, it is worth noting that the platform will swivel in any direction to 360 degrees. It can hide completely under the desk when not in use.

What are the pros?

  • Superior wrist support
  • Swivels to 360 degrees
  • Flexible design
  • No bouncing or moving
  • Large to accommodate a keyboard and a mouse pad

What are the cons?

  • Instructions come with a few mistakes – install the keyboard a few inches further from the side of the desk

3. Fersgo Keyboard Tray

Fersgo’s swivel keyboard stand is easy to install, sturdy and durable. It comes in two different options based on the size of your desk. The one with the 23-inch track is the best-selling one, but you can also get the version with a 21-inch track.

The tray goes on the flat underside of your desk. The minimum size of the desk should be 24×24 inches. The clearance from the floor should be 27.75 inches or more. Obviously, desks are different and so is your constitution – measure your desk and assess your needs first.

The tray measures 20×11 inches. It is more than enough to accommodate both compact and large keyboards. Just like you may have guessed already, it slides in and out – when not in use, it goes perfectly under the desk.

Fersgo has brought in a few accessories as well. The tray comes with a mouse pad that fits under the tray – it can go in and out. It is round and features an anti-falling guard and a nonslip surface. Moreover, you have cable clips that can be installed on the tray or the desk for cable management.

The installation is a matter of minutes – no experience required. There are only three steps, while the instructions are clear and full of illustrations.

As for the actual adjustability, this tray swivels to 360 degrees – easy to tuck in when not in use. It also has an adjustable height of a few inches and a 30-degree tilting angle.

What are the pros?

  • Sliding mouse pad
  • Easy to adjust
  • Clips for cable management
  • Simple installation
  • Wrist support

What are the cons?

  • Mouse pad swiveling mechanism feels a bit fragile

4. Mount-It! Adjustable Under Desk Keyboard Tray

Mount-It’s swivel keyboard tray is designed for those who need pressure. Basically, this tray will take a good beating – aggressive typing, intense gaming sessions and so on. It is quite heavy – around six pounds in weight, so make sure your desk is sturdy enough for it.

The tray goes under the desk. It allows creating more space on the top, but it is also suitable if you simply struggle to fit a keyboard on the top. It is sleek and modern. Available in black only, it will go with most desk styles.

There are lots of adjustabilities involved. You have 5.5 inches in height – up and down, so find the ideal position for a healthy posture. Other than that, there is a 25-degree tilt and a handy 180-degree swivel adjustment.

The keyboard tray allows installing the pad on the left or right side – up to you. The bottom part of the tray has a raised element. It is a wrist rest based on a comfortable material – soft and sturdy. You no longer need to buy these parts separately for extra comfort.

In terms of sizing, the keyboard tray is 25×10 inches. It can take most keyboards, as well as a regular mouse pad. It can easily hide under the desk when not in use.

The installation is fairly simple and no experience is required. You have a manual with all the instructions. Apart from a sturdy desk to support the tray, you also need enough room for the track – 14.1×6 inches on the bottom of your desk.

What are the pros?

  • Lots of adjustabilities
  • Superior wrist support
  • Large enough to take a mouse pad too
  • Sturdy and well put together
  • Easy to install

What are the cons?

  • Heavy, so the desk must be quite sturdy

5. Seville Classics airLIFT

Seville Classics represents a front runner when it comes to computer furniture and this articulating keyboard tray will stand up to your expectations. It is only available in black and comes in a few different sizes, with the 25.6-inch option being the most popular one.

The unit is pulled in or out. It is also adjustable in height, so you can get a healthy posture without experiencing back pains or discomfort.

The tray comes with a pull out sliders. They are easy to install with no experience at all. They are smooth and soft. Overall, the tray can take up to five pounds in weight, as long as it is evenly distributed.

The swivel keyboard tray comes with lots of flexibility. You can also swivel to 180 degrees in both directions. It can be tilted up to 28 degrees as well – six degrees up and 22 degrees down. Finding the perfect position is a piece of cake.

Given the size – up to almost 10 inches in width and 25.6 inches in length, the tray can easily take keyboards and mouse pads. It will accommodate a full-size keyboard and a standard pad. You can arrange them any way you want – whether you are left or right-handed.

Finally, the padded wrist rest is just as attractive. It goes along the bottom side of the tray, so it will cover both the keyboard and the mouse. It eliminates fatigue and discomfort from your wrists, as they can rest on it.

What are the pros?

  • Padded wrist rest
  • Good size
  • Well put together
  • Compatible with any desk
  • Adjustable

What are the cons?

  • Only available in black

What To Look For While Buying Swivel Keyboard Tray?

Man looking through binoculars as a metaphor for what to look for while buying swivel keyboard tray

Knowing what to look for in a swivel keyboard tray will help you make a more informed decision.


The keyboard fit is critical in the process. You need to choose a tray that can actually match your keyboard. Double-check the material too – some trays come with a rough material that provides little to no friction – in other words, your keyboard will never slide.

Size and adjustability

The size goes in a few different directions. First, you need to ensure the size is suitable for both the desk and the keyboard. Second, sizing has something to do with adjustability as well. You need to be able to adjust the tray in height, but also tilt it a little.


According to Ergonomic Trends, you must make sure the installation is fit and secure. You want sturdy materials that will not wobble, whether you have an intense gaming session or you simply type very fast. Poor stability may cause the tray to lose its angle or the keyboard and mouse moving around.


Wrist support is slowly becoming a trend in this industry. It is not really extra. If you can find a tray without wrist support, you should know that this feature is less likely to add too much to the price, so keep looking.

Swivel Keyboard Trays FAQs

Still got a few questions?

How much knee clearance do I need?

It depends on your size. Generally speaking, you should measure the height of your desk, check the tray depth and figure out yourself whether or not you have enough room for the knees.

Is wrist support mandatory?

Wrist support is not mandatory, but definitely a plus. You are so used to wrist discomfort that you cannot even notice it. You will feel the difference once you get a wrist rest. This feature is not too expensive and will not add too much to the price anyway.

Is swiveling better than sliding?

Some keyboards come with one mechanism or the other. Some other feature both. No matter what you choose, sturdy design and installation are more important.

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Bottom line, you do have options when hunting a swivel keyboard tray. Which one is the best? Any of the above-mentioned models will get the job done. Make sure they match your space and desk and you will not be disappointed.