How to Find AirPods When Offline? 3 Easy Methods

Has it ever occurred to you that your AirPods might get lost one day? Well, it’s not an uncommon situation as almost all of us know it’s rather dangerous to use AirPods since they’re wireless.

Whether you want to take precautions if they’re offline or you’ve already lost your AirPods, it can be a dilemma to come up with a solution.

If you’re wondering how to find your AirPods when offline, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will explore every possible way to help you find your AirPods.

Now, whether your AirPods are offline or missing, you can get them back as long as you follow all the following methods.

What’s Does it Mean if your AirPods are “Offline” or “No Location Found”?

Even though AirPods are highly convenient and practical, it’s very easy to lose them, whether just one, both, or even the earpieces and the case. In the worst-case scenario, you can even face all of these situations combined.

The problem is that when AirPods are offline, they’re much harder to find compared to the times they’re online. Hence, it’s critical to know the meaning of “no location found” or the offline status of your AirPods.

Whether your AirPods are in the case or out, if they’re out of range of the connection or out of battery power, then they’ll appear to be offline. On the other hand, you’ll see the message “no location found” if your devices are unable to find their last known location.

Can You Find Your AirPods When They’re Offline?

The Apple AirPod is one of those innovative inventions that revolutionized the market of wireless earphones and headphones. 

Even though there are myriad, groundbreaking, wired headphones or earphones, AirPods have gained popularity through their compact features and high-quality components.

However, every device comes with pros and cons. And in this case, one of the common issues is the fear of losing your AirPods. We don’t blame you, as it’s rather common to be concerned because of their size and offline status.

AirPods are very easy to find when they’re online. However, when they’re offline or missing, it can be troublesome to get your hands back on them.

The Biggest Issue with Airpods

Apple has designed AirPods in such a way that, if they’re out of range for a long time, they automatically disconnect from your iPhone. Another time when it automatically shows offline is when the AirPods are out of battery charge.

Even though you might fall into one of these situations, you should be happy to know that Apple has made it easy for you to retrieve your missing AirPods when they’re offline.

AirPods can keep track of the last location they have been used. This enables you to easily find your lost devices.

Another useful Apple feature is the built-in app on your iPhone named “Find my app.” This application is available on all Apple devices, including iPads and Macs.

It’s quite simple when you’re in a hurry to find your missing AirPods. This tool helps you link your AirPods directly to the account signed in on your Apple devices.

How Does “Find My App” Work?

The “Find my” app is a function that works as a tracker for your Apple devices such as AirPods. This function is similar to the ones available on Macs or iPads.

This app was made for Apple users to track down their devices and retrieve them if the Apple devices ever get lost. This tracker is specifically made so that if any of your Apple devices are offline or missing, you can easily get them back.

Luckily, you can use it to locate your AirPods when they’re offline. It comes with two main features:

Locating the AirPods When the Charging Case Loses Power

There are times when the AirPods aren’t connected to your iPhone or iPad and have lost their battery power. At times, when the charging case loses its power, your AirPods automatically disconnect and show an offline status.

When this scenario occurs, there’s a chance of losing your AirPods. However, even when the power is lost, you can use “Find my App” to locate your AirPods easily.

In this case, when you enter the website, you can see the time when your AirPods had last charged. You can also see the location of your AirPods from the list.

If you’re using AirPods, you’re already familiar with it. There’s an icon that shows you when your AirPods are offline and when they’re online. 

On the website, if the icon is green, then it’s online, but if the icon is gray, that means your AirPods are offline.

Tapping the AirPods to Play a Sound to Locate Them

Did you know your AirPods have a feature of playing sounds when they’re tapped? That’s right; you can locate your AirPods by playing a sound, which happens after they’re tapped.

When you go to the website, you’ll see options of choosing whether you want to buzz the right or left airport. Not to mention, you can even mute either side of the airport before you map out the location.

By simply tapping them, you’ll see the AirPods play the sound. This method can work flawlessly when your AirPods are somewhere around you at the moment.

3 Methods on How to Find AirPods When Offline or Lost

If your whole landscape is filled with Apple devices, then you’ll easily be able to find their location or when they were last connected. Even if your iPhone isn’t working or you’re facing any issue, you can find your AirPods through your Mac or even iPad.

It’s easy to tap and locate these Bluetooth-equipped AirPods with your Apple devices. Below are some of the methods of retrieving your AirPods when they’re offline:

#1: Using “Find my App” on Your iPhone or iPad

To use this method, you’ll have to open the app on your iPhone or iPad. The steps are outlined below:

Step 1

Take your iPhone and open the “Find my App.”

Step 2

Tap on the option AirPods from the list of the last connected device that you’ll find at the top of the page.

Step 3

You’ll notice the icon is gray since the AirPods are offline. But, despite being offline, the app can track down the last known location on the map so you can easily find your AirPods.

Step 4

Lastly, to lead you to the location, you can tap on the icon on the car button and navigate your AirPods on the map.

The steps are quite simple. However, if someone picks up your AirPods while it’s offline, the app will no longer be able to track down the actual location if they shift to a different place. 

Hence, it’s recommended to always charge your AirPods and keep them insight.

#2: Using the “Find My App” On Your Computer (via iCloud)

It’s not necessary to only use iPhones to find your lost AirPods. You can simply use your computer or Mac to retrieve them. The steps are as follows:

Step 1

Turn on your computer or MacBook and open a web browser.

Step 2

Enter and sign in using all the personal information requested. For starters, you should be able to sign in through your Apple ID and password.

Step 3

At times, you’ll notice they’re asking for a verification code. If they do, make sure you input the code correctly.

Step 4

Once you enter, immediately open the iCloud menu and locate the option “Find my iPhone.” Tap on the option once when you’re done locating, and it should open in a few seconds.

Step 5

After it opens up, you’ll be asked to enter your Apple ID and password. Once you’re done, you’ll see a map opening up.

Step 6

You’ll notice there’s an option named “All devices” at the top of the page. Click on it.

Step 7

Select “AirPods” from the list, and you’ll be able to see their location immediately.

“Find my app” is pre-installed on every MacBook, so you won’t have to go through the trouble of downloading any additional applications to find your AirPods.

All you have to do is follow the same steps mentioned above and get your hands on your AirPods right away.

#3: Using “Play Sound” To Locate AirPods

You can find your AirPods or AirPods Pro using the “play sound option. This option allows you to find its last known location using the “Find my App.”

This option is more viable when the AirPods are online. But, if any of your friends or family members are nearby, you can use this method to find your AirPods.

Step 1

Enter “Find my app.”

Step 2

Select your AirPods from the list to navigate all devices.

Step 3

Click the option “play sound” when the location of your AirPods shows up on the map.

Step 4

Select one airport (left or right) and tap on the left or right option to play a sound. If you find them, there’s a stop button, which you can press to stop the sound.

Step 5

Your missing AirPods will start to make a sharp noise for 22 minutes straight, allowing you to find your lost AirPods.

Step 6

Make sure you have a helping hand. This will make it easier for you to find lost AirPods.

What If Your Missing AirPods Are in Different Places or Lost?

Don’t you worry! Even if your AirPods are in a different place, you can still find lost AirPods through the “Find my app” or “Find my iPhone.” It’s even possible to find it through your iCloud account.

Whether one of the earpieces is missing or both of them, you can still find it through the map that’ll show up in either one of the apps.

You can follow the same process when your battery is out as well. All you have to do is make sure your AirPods were connected to your device before they went missing.

After following the aforementioned methods, if you’re still unable to find your AirPods, it’s most likely that you lost them entirely, and for that, we offer our condolences. In cases like this, it’s recommended to get yourself a replacement.

However, fortunately, there’s a program specifically made by Apple that lets you replace your AirPods Pro or the regular AirPods.

In this program, you can get separate parts of the AirPods, including the case, the R earpiece, and the L earpiece. All of these parts come at a reasonable price.

How to Replace Missing AirPods or Case?

Replacing AirPods can be costly and might break your budget. However, with the program developed specifically by Apple allows you to purchase separate parts of the AirPods, and they are very affordable.

All you have to do is go to Apple’s official website and search for the replacement program. You’ll find all the directions and processes for replacing them there.

Even though you can just get a new pair of AirPods as a replacement, it’s suggested you use the replacement program if you want to save money. Or you can also buy a refurbished AirPods if you are on a budget

What Happens if Someone Pairs Your AirPods with Their Device?

Well, if you happen to find out someone connected their device to your AirPods, it’s not going to be a surprise if your AirPods get stolen.

If you’re wondering whether you can find your AirPods through the “Find my app,” we don’t know for certain. Even if you tap on the app, it’s not likely you’ll find the new location where the thief took it. But, if your AirPods are in the last known location, then you can still get your AirPods through the methods mentioned above.

“Find my app” or “Find my iPhone” can be good tools to find lost AirPods. However, they come with limitations as well.

Losing them behind the couch or in another building can be situations in which these apps will not prove useful. 

Unfortunately, the moment locations are changed multiple times. It becomes quite trickier to locate those Bluetooth AirPods.

Tips to Keep Your AirPods Safe

Keeping the AirPods within range is an important task if you want to prevent them from getting lost. Instead of relying on ways to get them back, it’s always better to prevent them from happening in the first place. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

There are some tricks and tips you can follow to avoid losing your AirPods, including the following:

Buy Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag helps you to find all your Apple items in no time even if they are further away

Consider Using a Third-Party Tracker

If you’re prone to losing your AirPods very easily, then you should consider using third-party trackers.

New applications are on the way to development to make it easier for Apple users to track their list devices. A third-party tracker like the Tile trackers can help you significantly in tracking your range on both iPhones and Macs.

Keep Them in a Secure Storage

You’re not necessarily always in a situation where you’re bound to lose your AirPods. But, due to their size and Bluetooth wireless technology, they’re prone to get lost easily.

It’s always better to take precautions before you fall into the trap of these situations. While your pockets are a normal way of storing them, there are also party accessories you can get to make your storage even more secure.

You can get a protective casing, earbud lines, lanyard, and even customized cases for your AirPods. Getting these third-party accessories will ensure not only better safety for your AirPods but also offer a more pleasing aesthetic.

Always Keep Your AirPods’ Battery Charged

Losing AirPods can be easy when they’re offline, which mostly happens when they run out of battery power. Most importantly, having even a little bit of battery power left makes it easier for the “Find my app” to locate your AirPods.

The difficulty of finding them increases when there’s no power left. Therefore, even with a little battery power, this app can quickly detect the signals of your AirPods and locate them on the map. Hence, try to always keep your AirPods charged up as much as you can.

Update Your iOS Devices

Apple has made some significant changes in the feature design ever since the iPhone 13 release. Over the years, with the advancement of the models, AirPods are coming with more advanced features as well.

The new updates provide a fix for the previous bugs and have better features that will help you find your missing case in a faster way. 

One of the biggest updates is the addition of “Find my AirPods” in the “Find my app,” which allows you to track the exact location of your missing AirPods.

Therefore, it’s suggested to always check for updates on your iOS devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far can AirPods be tracked?

You can track your AirPods easily if they’re within the Bluetooth range of 10 to 30 meters. But, when you’re out of that range, you can only see the last location found for the device.

Can Someone Use My Stolen AirPods?

Unfortunately, yes, they can. It’s easy to disconnect AirPods with the previous device and connect it to a new one. Doing so will allow them to use your AirPods.

Do AirPods have a GPS?

No, it’s hard to install aGPS into such tiny earbuds. But, even though the AirPods themselves don’t have a GPS, it’s possible to track down the AirPods through the GPS on your iPhone.

How Accurate is “Find My App”?

“Find my app” uses the Bluetooth and GPS information on your iPhone and tracks down the last location of the AirPods.

If you feel like the location isn’t accurate, you can use other options, like playing sound to track it down.

Final Words

AirPods can make your lifestyle a bit easier and more functional with their wireless technology. However, dealing with the pain of losing them can cause you to stay away from music or talking to friends for a few days.

To help you avoid all that stress, we’ve mentioned all the tips from A to Z on how to find AirPods when offline in this guide. Now, you won’t have to face the fear of never getting your AirPods back after losing them.

Don’t forget to keep them safe and sound and right into your pockets!