How To Connect Keyboard And Mouse To Nintendo Switch?

How To Connect Keyboard And Mouse To Nintendo Switch

Even as a handheld Nintendo Switch console gamer, there’s no denying that a USB keyboard and mouse combo has lots of tactical advantages over gamepads. Especially when you’re playing games. This is why lots of people choose pc gaming as their first choice. But what if we told you that you could get that keyboard and mouse feel on a Nintendo switch?

No! We’re not bluffing. You can do it, and that’s why we’re here to make a tutorial on how to connect the keyboard and mouse to the Nintendo switch. It’s possible via keyboard and mouse adapter, Nintendo switch dock set, and some mods (modifications).

Of course, just telling you the names won’t be enough, so here’s an in-depth (yet simple) guide for connecting a USB keyboard and mouse to your Nintendo switch. Getting the victory royale in Fortnite will be easy now.

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Why You Should Use Keyboard and Mouse On a Nintendo Switch

There’s a wise proverb that goes like, “just because you can doesn’t mean you should”. Before you attempt to connect a USB keyboard and mouse to your Nintendo switch, ask yourself! Why are you doing this? Is it worth the hassle? Finished with the asking? Now let’s take a look at all the things you can do with a USB keyboard and mouse on a Nintendo switch.

Even though a Nintendo switch was meant to be used as a handheld gaming console, sometimes it gets annoying to hold such a big device. So, what do you do to exit handheld mode? You put it on a dock or connect it to a monitor, and this is where a keyboard and mouse combo will come in “handy.”

For starters, you can now use your keyboard and mouse for basic text input. It’ll work like any other standard keyboard. Oh! And do we have to mention how tiresome it is to type on a Nintendo switch? The keyboard helps a lot when entering passwords.

The second reason is pure comfort. There’s nothing like moving your gaming mouse across the screen in a flash or typing on your new keyboard. Even a pro controller can’t replicate this feeling. Hitting that space bar just feels too satisfying. Unlike a controller/gamepad that you’ll have to hold to play games, a keyboard will let your hands rest.

There’s also the option to customize your peripherals. The market is saturated with RGB USB keyboards and wireless mice. Things get even better when you “switch” to a mechanical keyboard. The tactile feedback just elevates the whole Nintendo Switch experience.

You can change mouse DPI to make your mouse move fast or slow. Higher DPI settings will let you move across the screen super fast, while the lower DPI option will give you accuracy over speed. The choice is yours.

Last and the most important one: is gaming. Once you connect that keyboard and mouse to your Nintendo switch’s USB port, it’s GAME on. You’ll notice that your aim has leveled up immediately. That’s because a mouse’s accuracy will always be better than a pro controller or switch controller.

How You Can Use Keyboard And Mouse On Nintendo Switch

So, now that you have finally decided to go for the keyboard and mouse option on the Nintendo Switch, let’s see how you can use both of them without any lag or sensitivity issues. Also, before we go to the steps, let’s take a look at what you’ll need:

  • A Nintendo Switch dock set
  • A keyboard and mouse adapter
  • USB adapter port or USB connectivity option
  • A keyboard and mouse (obviously)
  • A pro controller (optional)

Okay! Do you have all of these things checked? Now you’re ready to start the process of connecting the keyboard and mouse to the Nintendo switch. It’s a three-step simple process, so let’s get started, shall we?

Step One – Preparing The Settings

Before you place your Nintendo switch on the dock set, go to the Nintendo switch main menu, AKA system settings. Now scroll down to the bottom and find the option called “controllers and sensors.” It’s right below the sleep mode settings option.

Once you find the controllers and sensors settings, tap on them. Now you’ll see a new menu which has several options like change grip/order and etc. The grip/order option is for another step. For now, tap on the pro controller wired communication. It might be off by default, but you’ll have to turn it on.

After tapping it, a message will appear. When it does, press okay, and you’ll be all good to go. Before you move on, check again if the pro controller wired communication is actually on or not. Is it on? Fabulous! Now exit the options and place your Nintendo switch on the dock.

Step Two – Connecting The Adapter

Connecting The Adapter to docker

Once you place the Nintendo switch on your dock, you should have a display output on your monitor. If you see your Nintendo switch menu on the big screen, you’re good to proceed to the next thing.

Now for the main attraction of our show, the keyboard and mouse adapter (I can recommend this one). Over the past few years, keyboard and mouse have gotten very popular among Nintendo switch users, so there are tons of keyboard and mouse adapters for Nintendo switch. All of them have one thing in common, which is connectivity.

All you have to do is connect the power cable (mostly a USB type c or normal USB port), keyboard, mouse, and USB cable to the Nintendo switch. Voila, you’re ready! However, we’re oversimplifying it, so we’ll individually talk about the three most popular keyboard and mouse USB adapters and how you can use them in step three.

Step Three V1 – Using Delta Essentials FO202

Using the delta essentials, FO202 is the easiest because it requires no button mapping or external power connection. It’s literally a plug n play adapter for the switch console that works flawlessly on most USB keyboards and mice.

The setup process is pretty simple. Follow the previous two steps, which required the controller wired communication option to be turned on and put the Nintendo switch on the doc. After that, you gotta plug in your wired keyboard and wired mouse to the USB ports of the adapter.

There are four ports, so it can get a bit confusing. So, we suggest plugging the keyboard and mouse from the left side for the best results. After plugging them in, connect the adapter’s USB cable to your Nintendo Switch dock. This same cable carries the data and the power, so it’s very convenient this way.

Now, soon after you connect the adapter to the Nintendo Switch, press CTRL and Number 2 (the top number row) together. This will activate the adapter and let you play with the keyboard and mouse. Use WASD keys or the mouse to navigate or move through the main menu.

Pressing CTRL and number 2 might not work for some people, so here’s an alternative way to activate the adapter. Connect your keyboard and mouse to the adapter, and then connect the adapter to the Nintendo switch like before.

After that, connect your wired controller to the Nintendo switch. Don’t connect it to the adapter, though. Connect it directly to the switch. Now go to the controller’s settings menu from the main screen. Select the “change grip/order” and leave the controller in a place where no one can press any buttons.

Now the screen will ask you to press A to assign a controller to the first slot. You can either click the right mouse button or press the space bar to assign your keyboard and mouse as a controller.

Just in case you were wondering, Yes, the space bar acts as the A button. After pressing the buttons, a controller icon will show up on the main screen. To go back to the home page, you can press the ESC key. Voila, now you’re ready to dominate the game.

Delta essentials FO202 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter for Nintendo Switch
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Step Three V2 – Using GameSir VX Aimswitch

GameSir VX Aimswitch (One hand Half Keyobard)

If you’re a person who wants a dedicated setup for your Nintendo switch with plug-and-play functionality, the GameSir VX Aimswitch is for you. It requires absolutely no effort for connecting and installation. It also has a very compact design, thus saving space. So, how do you set it up? Let’s check out.

Just like the Delta essentials FO202, you’ll have to go to the controller’s settings and turn on the pro controller wired communication. Without this, the Nintendo Switch won’t recognize your keyboard and mouse inputs.

Speaking of keyboard and mouse, you get a one-handed RGB wireless keyboard and wired mouse with the Gamesir VX. The adapter is also wireless, which makes things even better. The keyboard has an additional D-pad for you to conveniently move across the menu. Lastly, the keyboard is mechanical, which feels so freaking good when you type or press the keys.

Okay! Now back to the setup process. First, connect the USB mouse to the Bluetooth keyboard. There should be a USB port on the right side. Everything is pretty easy after that. Just plug in your Bluetooth adapter to the Nintendo Switch dock. There’s a USB connector, but it’s not for the Nintendo switch. It’s for PS4 and Xbox.

The Nintendo Switch will immediately recognize your keyboard and mouse and let you use them as controllers. Yep! The setup process is that easy. Just in case it isn’t working, check your adapter’s light. It should be lit when connected to the Nintendo switch. Also, check the battery percentage. As both the adapter and the keyboard are Bluetooth, they require charging.

GameSir VX Game Keyboard Keypad and Mouse Adapter
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Step Three V3 – Using KeyMander 2

Using KeyMander 2 in nitendo

If you’re a person who likes to remap or change their keys for individual games, the keymander 2 USB adapter is for you. It comes with an android/ios app that lets you remap keys to your liking. So, if you’re not okay with pressing the spacebar for A, you can just remap A to some other key you like.

The android/ios app also has a set of pre-mapped keys for various games. The developers have tried to put the best keys possible so that you won’t have to manually change anything. That’s an added bonus. Lastly, you have mouse options. You can change the speed of the Y-axis and Z-axis.

As for the connection, it’s pretty similar to GameSir VX aimswitch. However, unlike the GameSir VX, this one has dedicated USB ports with icons. There’s one icon for the mouse, one for the keyboard, and one for a joystick (you won’t need this one).

Just connect the keyboard and mouse to their respective slots, power up the bad boy with the included USB type c port, and then connect the whole USB adapter to the Nintendo switch. The Nintendo Switch will automatically recognize it and let you play immediately. Just don’t forget to turn on the pro controller wired communication from the controller’s tab.

IOGEAR Keymander 2 Keyboard/Mouse Adapter Plus Controller Crossover
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Should You Use Keyboard And Mouse On Nintendo Switch?

Using mouse and keyboard in Nintendo

As you know, the Nintendo Switch was designed specifically for playing games with controllers. By default, we can assume that most players will use controllers. So, how ethical is it to play with a keyboard and mouse?

We all know that keyboard and mouse are superior to controllers when it comes to fps games (first-person shooter games). It also applies to third-person shooters. So, ask yourself! Isn’t it low-key cheating to use a keyboard and mouse when other players are using controllers?

For example, when you play Fortnite with a keyboard and mouse, your aim levels up thanks to the precise movement of the mouse. That’s not all, and some USB adapters aren’t recognized by Nintendo switch, so they think you’re hacking or something. This can potentially lead to a permanent ban on online games such as Fortnite or PUBG.

Of course, the chances of getting a permanent ban are very slim as USB adapters these days have updated their software to fully replicate controllers. But still, will it feel very good when getting that victory royale in Fortnite knowing that your opponent might be playing with a controller?

Are the keyboard, mouse, and adapter even worth all that money? Even a regular keyboard costs so much these days. Let alone buying keyboards exclusively made for the Nintendo switch. As for the hub, all the good ones cost like 50 to 100 bucks.

That’s a total of 150 to 200 bucks of investment. And, for what? Even the best adapters can’t give you accurate aim like a natively mouse-supported game. The adapter has to take your mouse movements and emulate them, which makes it less precise. So, is that much money worth it? Depends on how badly you want to connect the keyboard and mouse to your Nintendo switch.

Which Keyboard And Mouse Adapter Should You Use On Nintendo Switch?

Since we’re on the topic of how to connect a keyboard and mouse to a Nintendo switch, it’s likely that you’ll buy an adapter sooner or later. So, wouldn’t it be helpful if you knew which one to buy? You know there are hundreds of options, and settling down for one can be as difficult as getting that victory royale in Fortnite.

After going through all the options, the GameSir VX caught our eyes. No! It’s not because of the flashing RGB lights. So, let’s check if it’s actually worth your time and money or not.

GameSir VX

There’s a common problem with adapters. If your keyboard and mouse use even slightly high or low power, the adapter might crash. Your keyboard and mouse need to use the exact power as the adapter specifies. If you want to use your own keyboard and mouse, there’s a chance they might not work for switch games.

So, what’s the solution? Well, you can get the whole setup, and GameSir VX provides that. It comes with a keyboard, a mouse, and a wireless adapter.

Let’s check the keyboard first. It’s a mechanical keyboard with RGB lights. The tactile, clicky feel of the buttons will immediately get your attention. You also get a D-pad on the bottom to use as a joystick.

The best part is that the whole setup is somewhat wireless. Only the mouse has a wire, which you have to connect to the keyboard. From that point onwards, everything is wireless. Speaking of the mouse, it also has RGB.

As for the adapter, it lets you easily connect everything to your Nintendo switch. There’s no setup or anything. Just plug and play.

Final Words

Using a keyboard and mouse on a Nintendo Switch isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. Now you even know how to connect the keyboard and mouse to the Nintendo switch yourself.

Adapters are getting better each year, so there’s no worry about precision when aiming. The best part is that you can use one adapter on multiple consoles like PlayStation 4 or Xbox one.

So, what’s stopping you from using your keyboard and mouse on a Nintendo Switch and obliterating your opponents in multiplayer games?