5 Best Desks For Carpal Tunnel (FAQ + Buyers Guide)

We are picking the best desk for carpal tunnel

The carpal tunnel syndrome is a common affection that affects the median nerve. This nerve is located between your wrist and palm.

While everyone stresses about a good posture when playing games or working on a computer, the truth is other factors also require proper consideration – such as your wrist.

When this nerve is in an uncomfortable position or gets too much pressure, it can cause numbness and painful sensations. Most people experience it, but not all of them are able to recognize it.

When it comes to tackling this problem, most people invest in ergonomic keyboards and mice designed with such purposes. The truth is you require way more than that. In fact, a whole desk will ensure your wrists work in a comfortable and healthy position.

Even if you have the right keyboard or mouse, a slightly taller or shorter desk will cause the exact same problems. All in all, here is everything you need to know while picking the best desk for carpal tunnel.

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Our Picks For The Best Desk For Carpal Tunnel

Here are some of the best rated options on the market when hunting the ideal best desks to prevent carpal tunnel problems.

1. Furinno Econ Multipurpose Home Office Computer Writing Desk

Furinno is a classic example for the best desk for carpal tunnel. It comes in a traditional configuration and provides lots of room for storage and customization. It features a bunch of different colors and most of them are neutral, so you can fit it into any décor – white, black, light gray, textured and so on.

You can purchase this desk in a single product deal or you can get it in a combo. The combo comes with an extra end table, which has a couple of shelves and a drawer. Obviously, the table will be in the exact same style and design. Since you get an extra item, the combo is a bit more expensive.

While it provides plenty of space, this desk is actually quite compact. It can fit into small rooms or offices with no issues whatsoever. It requires a bit of assembly, but you have a manual of instructions and a straightforward operation. When fully done, it measures 39.4×15.75×34.1 inches.

Despite the appearance, the design is fairly simple and efficient. The whole desk is based on engineered particular board – non woven bins. It comes with a clean appearance and will never release any unpleasant odors. The material is not just stable – medium density composite, but it is also durable.

Then, there is a bit of plastic used in its composition too. The PVC tubing is based on plastic. Not only is it super durable, but it is also strong and sturdy. All the plastic in the package is recycled – as well as other materials. Therefore, the desk is environmentally friendly too.

Now, when it comes to support for the carpal tunnel, the sliding keyboard drawer makes the difference. You will not have to keep your hands above the elbow level, so your wrists will not experience any pains at all. Plus, the keyboard tray also adds to the ergonomic profile, as you can slide it in and make room for the chair when the unit is not in use.

What are the pros?

  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Sliding keyboard tray for carpal tunnel support
  • Lots of storage room
  • Plenty of room for large monitors
  • Durable design

What are the cons?

  • May take over an hour to put together

2. OneSpace Stanton Computer Desk

OneSpace might have designed one of the 5 best desks for carpal tunnel if your space is limited and you cannot get one of those large workstations. This desk is basic and simple, but extremely efficient and compact. It will fit anywhere, including a tiny office or flat – it could go in a corner as well.

The desk is most commonly sold in black, but it is available in other designs as well. You can also have a white oak design, yet more traditional offices could do with espresso or maple styles. No matter what color you choose, there will be no differences in features and quality standards.

The desk comes with a sleek design and a pull out keyboard shelf. This is one of the reasons why you need it for carpal tunnel support. You may have already purchased the best keyboard for carpal tunnel and a mouse, as well as a few extra carpal tunnel desk accessories. If your hands are above the elbows, pains and discomfort will persist anyway.

The desk has just enough space for a decently sized computer. You have a bottom storage shelf that can take a computer and some extras – such as a printer. You also have the top desk, which is almost the same size – plus, the computer tray that could accommodate an ergonomic mouse as well.

There is not much to worry about when it comes to durability and reliability. The desk is based on MDF and PVC – quite classic for such desks and pretty durable if properly looked after. Moreover, the metallic tubes and components are based on steel, so they are solid and sturdy.

Finally, it requires a bit of assembly, but the whole job should take you less than 15 minutes – with or without experience. You have a brief manual of instructions, yet the operation is quite intuitive. Keep in mind that holes are already drilled, but they are covered with some black material that must be punched through.

What are the pros?

  • Compact and space efficient
  • Can fit anywhere
  • Easy to put together
  • Available in more attractive styles
  • Sliding keyboard tray for carpal tunnel support

What are the cons?

  • Not the best looking computer desk in the world

3. Fitueyes Computer Desk

No matter how many modifications for carpal tunnel syndrome you have come up with to prevent pains and discomfort, their efficiency is greatly reduced if you fail to get the right desk as well. Whether it comes to gaming or office work, spending too many hours in front of your computer will inevitably lead to such issues.

Rated as one of the 5 best desks for carpal tunnel, this setup from Fitueyes is built to provide enough support by having your wrists aligned with your elbows. You do not have to raise them and arch the wrists for a comfortable typing experience, but keep them in a natural position for hours.

This desk is designed to be smart, but also modern and stylish. Based on wood and metal, it is super sleek and attractive. It has an aerated and skinny design, but it is also compact and can fit into small offices or rooms. Plus, it comes in a bunch of different color combinations – white, black, retro brown and teak.

The frame is entirely metallic. While very aerated, it feels super stable due to the Z shaped design. It is durable and can take a decent weight. In terms of sizing, you have 27.6×23.6×33.5 inches. There is a small shelf at the bottom for some extra legroom, meaning you have just enough space for the computer unit and perhaps a printer too.

The unit features a multipurpose role. You can use it for work, games or just hours of browsing the Internet and chatting with your friends. It saves space and allows a bit of customization. While it must be put together, the operation is pretty simple and detailed in the manual – maximum half an hour.

In terms of adjustability and customization, it is worth noting that you can play a bit with its height. You can work on the leg tips. Unscrew them for extra height. Not only do you get an inch to play within height, but this system is also suitable to overcome uneven floor problems.

What are the pros?

  • Built to last
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Saves space
  • Adjustable height
  • Extra legroom

What are the cons?

  • Must be put together

4. Walker Edison Modern Desk

Walker Edison’s carpal tunnel desk is built to provide some extra work space. It is relatively large and allows lots of room – not just for your computer, but for other devices and files as well. Despite the extra space, it has a skinny profile and allows plenty of legroom.

The desk is L shaped, meaning it is mostly suitable for corners. It will allow a long working space and it features a multipurpose role. You can use it as a gaming station, workstations and so on. It is just as handy if you have two monitors or other devices that you use regularly.

In terms of sizing, the unit measures 29x51x20 inches. There are a few different options in terms of style – just a matter of personal preferences. You can get an X frame, for example, but you can also opt for a curved C frame – among other options. Also, the desk is available in a few different colors.

There are no shelves at the bottom, so the computer unit must go on a small stand on the ground. It may seem like a drawback, but it is not. In fact, you have the option to place it anywhere you want – such as the middle of the L. Find the most appropriate position based on how much leg room you require. On the same note, given the size of the top, there is no need for extra shelves that could come in your way.

The metallic frame is sturdy and durable. The cross frame design ensures great stability. The top is wooden and features a solid coating that will resist spills and moisture. At the same time, the top can resist simple scratches from pens, mice, keyboards and so on.

It is worth noting that the workstation must be put together, but it comes with a manual of instructions, so you can do it yourself with no professional help. In terms of carpal tunnel support, the shelf for the keyboard and mouse will ensure your wrists are well aligned with your elbows.

What are the pros?

  • Lots of space
  • Plenty of legroom
  • Water and scratch resistant surface
  • Can take more monitors
  • Features a universal CPU stand

What are the cons?

  • Putting it together could be a bit confusing with so many similar parts

5. Joiscope Home Office Computer Desk

If you think simplicity and style will never work together, you are wrong. Joiscope has built one of the 5 best desks for carpal tunnel in terms of style. It looks sophisticated and traditional, but if you look at it, it features a simple and efficient profile with lots of legroom – stretch your legs all the way to the back with no issues at all.

The desk comes in a few different sizes when it comes to the top. You have 40, 47, 55 and 60 inches. Make this decision with your personal needs in mind. While the 47 inch variety is the best selling one, it may not be suitable for you if you need space for two large monitors.

In terms of style, there are two options – black oak and vintage oak. Whichever option you choose, you will have a few accents from the other as well. You will notice the top is split into two parts – one for the actual workspace and another one for extras, such as a small printer or perhaps some files.

The metallic frame is based on premium steel. It is sturdy and solid, so it is less likely to fail too soon. As for the top and shelves, they are based on chipboard. Obviously, the chipboard is treated to be scratch and water resistant. The coating on the metallic frame is just as durable and less likely to chip.

When it comes to storage and shelves, you have a large top split in two – it will not really make a difference because the two parts are one next to the other, without any leveling differences. Then, there are a couple of shelves on the right hand side. If you have a large CPU, you might need to store it on the floor.

Putting the desk together is a matter of minutes. It is an intuitive operation because there are not too many parts – you can do it yourself within 15 minutes. Once assembled, you will end up with a large workspace, as well as a compact and skinny design to save space. The large workspace is ideal for carpal tunnel problems because you can have your whole arms on the top – perfect alignment.

What are the pros?

  • Beautiful industrial appearance
  • Comes in more sizes and colors
  • Easy to put together
  • Lots of legroom
  • Sturdy and reliable structure

What are the cons?

  • Large CPUs might need to be put on the floor

Buying Guide For The Best Desk For Carpal Tunnel

Choosing the right desk for carpal tunnel office ergonomics can be daunting at first, especially as the overall design seems to be the main factor to consider. While it is important, there are other considerations to pay attention to as well.

The best position for carpal tunnel

The ideal position for a comfortable carpal tunnel involves a perfect alignment of your wrists. In other words, a sliding keyboard tray ensures the wrists are aligned to your elbows, rather than arched. It is not a general rule though. In fact, you could get a good position from a large workspace that involves keeping your arms on the top surface – you get a proper alignment too.


Even if it looks like a flat surface is everything, it is not. Many inches are about 30 inches in height – great for most people, but not for everyone. Make sure the height of your desk matches your own height. At the same time, you should have enough legroom to play or work comfortably.

While it helps if your chair fits under the desk, a computer chair with large armrests may not go under it. Sometimes, it helps if the chair can go under, as you can be close to the keyboard – rather than miles away. The same rule applies to the monitor placement.

Shape and size

According to Hints and Things, the shape is a matter of personal preferences and needs. What works for some people will not necessarily work for everyone else. For example, some people could do with a classic L shaped desk if they have an empty corner. Some others might need a modern U shape if they require lots of space for other things. The classic rectangular shape works for pretty much everyone though.

No matter what shape you opt for, make sure it can match your room or office or you may need to make some awkward adjustments in terms of design and décor.

Carpal tunnel syndrome workplace adjustments

picking best desk for carpal tunnel is definitely one of the most important workplace adjustments

Carpal tunnel syndrome workplace adjustments are mandatory if you are way too tall or short. While not all desks provide this feature, some of them come with height adjustability. There are more mechanisms to ensure good customization, yet most desks provide one or two inches by adjusting the legs.

Storage and working area

Consider all the space you need for storage and working area. How many other devices do you use? Do you have a printer too? Do you need files around? How about the keyboard? Maybe a scanner? Every detail matters, so think about your needs before analyzing sizes.

Construction and durability

Double check all the materials if you want some clues about durability. Metallic parts should be based on solid metals, such as steel. The actual workplace will most likely consist of wood – various standards here. Opt for medium or high density wood if you want your desk to last for ages.


Are there any pull out trays? A tray for the keyboard will help with the carpal tunnel problems. Moreover, it is space efficient when the desk is not in use. A few holes for cords and cables will also prevent clutter, while built in hutches provide plenty of extra room for storage. If you have your coffee on the desk all the time, water resistance could help. If there are many solid things on top of it, scratch resistance will add to the maintenance too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure which one is the best desk for carpal tunnel? Here are some commonly asked questions that may help you make the decision.

Does the carpal tunnel syndrome affect your grip?

If left untreated, it can. You might end up dropping things more often due to your weakened muscles, but you could also face trouble working with small objects – such as buttoning a shirt. Ideally, you should not let the problem advance that much.

Does the desk height affect the carpal tunnel?

While an incorrect desk height will affect your back and posture too, it will also target your carpal tunnel. Whether it is too high or too short, the top will force you to arch your wrists, which will lead to serious discomfort in the long run.

Can carpal tunnel affect your whole hand?

Most commonly, this issue will affect the thumb, index and middle finger. But if your wrist adopts an uncomfortable position, discomfort may spread throughout the whole hand. The pain goes towards the wrists and may target your arms, shoulders and neck too.

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Bottom line, choosing the best unit asks for a little research and a bit of customization. While it does pay off becoming familiar with all of the 5 best desks for carpal tunnel on the market, it is just as important to assess your personal needs before making a final decision. ​

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